Forty Pink Flower Arrangements

Enjoy dozens of flower arrangements in hues of pink, from the palest blush to rich coral and every tone between.

Whether you just love pink or, like Shelby in Steel Magnolias, appreciate the subtleties of “bashful” and “blush,” you’re sure to find inspiration in this collection of rosy florals. Browse the most popular pink flower arrangements—grand pink centerpieces to modest bedside posies, from the pages of FLOWER magazine.

Pink Flower Arrangements

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floral centerpiece
Frances Schultz says, when you can’t find the perfect container, make one. A wrapping of moss tied with raffia works every time. This arrangement features pink-hued ranunculus, tulips, yarrow, garden dahlias, zinnias, roses, and olive foliage. Photo by Shelly Strazis
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Ashley Whittaker, bedside table
A blue and white vase filled with pink dahlias complements rose-colored lamp and the custom-colored Bennison fabric adorning the walls in the master bedroom of a New York apartment designed by Ashley Whittaker. Photo by Erick Piasecki
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Hot pinks! Mary Ruth Miller designed this arrangement containing ‘Coral Charm’ peonies, ranunculus, godetia, dichelostemma ‘Red Princess,’ huckleberry, holly fern, and philodendron. Photo by Gayle Brooker
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fall floral arrangement by @tjmcgrathdesign
One of our top Instagram posts of 2020 was this share of floral designer TJ McGrath's rose-hued, late summer arrangement (@tjmcgrathdesign), photographed by Fine and Fleurie (@fineandfleurie) at Jardin de Buis in rural New Jersey.
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Kate Holt works magic with soft pinks and pale yellows in this combination of parrot tulips, fringed tulips, ranunculus, Japanese sweet peas, California lilacs, honeysuckle vine, and Pieris japonica. Photo by Elizabeth Messina
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think pink
DeJuan Stroud’s flirtatious arrangement of sweet peas and garden roses is sitting pretty, beckoning us, à la fashion editor Maggie Prescott in the 1957 film Funny Face. Photo from Designing Life’s Celebrations (Rizzoli New York, 2016)
Watch the Funny Face clip.
Rosy quince branches spring from a bowl full of peonies, lisianthus, fringed tulips, lilacs, sweet peas, scabiosas, and eucalyptus arranged by  Sullivan Owen. Photo by Alison Conklin
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kim starr wise arrangments
Kim Starr Wise fills a wooden bowl with Japanese ranunculus, anemones, hyacinths, carnations, hellebores, and garden spray roses in hues of pink. Photo by Eugenia Uhl
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Michal Evans combines pinks with lilac (‘André Le Nôtre’ roses, ‘Lavanda’ roses, and ‘Clooney’ ranunculus) in this painterly arrangement for Suzanne Kasler's home. Photo by Erica George Dines
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An arrangement of blue glass medicine bottles filled with pink cosmos blooms from CHARLOTTE MOSS FLOWERS
It seems that Charlotte Moss gathered nearly every shade of pink cosmos in a collection of antique blue apothecary bottles. Photo by Charlotte Moss
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Erin Benzakien's cheerful chrysanthemum design with spidery petals is dotted with light-pink puffs of ‘Peter Magnus’ and anchored with fuller blooms of ‘Norton Vic.’ Photo by Joy Prouty
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Tara Guérard pink flower arrangement
Tara Guérard of Soirée, an event design firm with studios in Charleston and New York, shares step-by-step instructions for a fresh summer arrangement. Photo by Brie Williams
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Flower Wild's Kate Holt fills a Tuscan jar with pink and white blossoms (sprays of foxglove, scabiosas, Japanese sweet peas, and Pieris japonica). Photo by Elizabeth Messina
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Ingrid Carozzi of Tin Can Studios shares step-by-step instructions for making an all-pink arrangement (in a vintage pink vase, no less). Photo by Paul Brissman
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Rowan Blossom holding a blue-and-white bowl of flowers in shades of pink
"There is something very decadent about turning up to a dinner party with a bowl full of blooms," says London floral designer Rowan Blossom. Featuring a range of pink tones with pops of red and purple, this arrangement from her book Living with Flowers is decadent indeed. 
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how to make a flower crown, floral crown
Janie Medley of JMFlora Design in Richmond, made this fun, frilly, circlet of blossoms (pink peonies, pink spray roses, pink ranunculus, jasmine vine, waxflowers, feverfew, and yellow ranunculus). Photo by Patricia Lyons
See Janie's step-by-step instructions to make a flower crown.
Spring Awakening Arrangement, Ariella Chezar how-to
Ariella Chezar describes her inspiration for this arrangement, "I am a fool for flowers that shade from one color to another in a single blossom. A good example of this is the marvelous black-eyed anemone, pictured here, that shades from pale pink to purple to white... Once I determined this would be my focal flower, I searched for a worthy complement, finding it in the pinkish-white blossoms and leggy vines of Clematis armandii."
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A bouquet of peonies, hydrangeas, sweet peas, tulips and roses are ready for a fragrant bicycle ride in Georgianna Lane's book, Paris in Bloom. Photo by Georgianna Lane
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camellia pink accessories
Multiple varieties of camellia dance in petite monogrammed glass vases from Rebecca Gardner’s collection at a luncheon set in a camellia grove. Photo by Chia Chong
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Ingrid Carozzi of Tin Can Studios filled a green glass with ranunculus and sweet peas to make this simple, but lush arrangement. Photo by Paul Brissman
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Portrait of floral designer Kirk Whitfield, wearing dark jeans and a tan cable knit shawl-style sweater, sitting next to a vase of pink peonies accented with smaller blue and white flowers
Kirk Whitfield said that for this arrangement loaded with pink peonies, "I wanted to explore colors that one might not necessarily consider using together. Texture helps bring the palette together along with the green elements." Photo by Laurey Glenn 
See the step-by-step instructions for Kirk's arrangement.
pink dahlia arrangement
Proving that pink doesn't need to be limited to spring flowers, Sidra Forman whips up a tantalizing fall arrangement of ‘Seaton’s J’dore’ chrysanthemums and ‘Café au Lait’ dahlias.
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Pink fuschia blooms in a vintage green vase, from the pages of CHARLOTTE MOSS FLOWERS
A vintage green, ceramic vase filled with pineapple variegated mint stems and pale pink Champagne Celebration fuschia blossoms from Charlotte Moss Flowers. Photo by Charlotte Moss
Enjoy flower memories from Charlotte Moss Flowers.
Whether clipped from the cutting garden or procured from friends at The Tulip Tree in Nashville (as the peonies seen here were), fresh flowers are a must for Lorie Duke. “They instantly make me happy,” she says. Photo by Laurey W. Glenn
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Completed Destiny Pinson floral arrangment featured in step-by-step instructions
New Orleans floral designer Destiny Pinson says, "I use a lot of whites and greens along with fresh herbs during summertime because they are so refreshing, but here I included coral pinks as well to add a cheerful note." Photo by Sara Essex Bradley 
See Destiny's step-by-step instructions for this arrangement.
‘Pink Majolica’ spray roses add a rosy blush to Myrtie Blue's mix of ‘Caramel Antike’ roses, ‘Juliet’ David Austin garden roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus, astrantia, hellebores, loropetalum, coralbells, bunny tails grass, dried poppy pods, dried palmetto, and spirea. Photo by Colleen Duffley
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A hand holds lush pink bouquet tied with streaming peach ribbon against a colorful sky of suspended umbrellas
Catherine Muller’s dusty-pink bouquet, photographed at Le Village Royal in the Quartier de la Madeleine, in front of an umbrella sky by artist Patricia Cunha. Photo by Erik Kvalsvik
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oscar mora arrangement
New York–based floral designer Oscar Mora ushers in spring with a standout arrangement sure to brighten anyone’s day with loads of bright pink peonies, orchids, and sweet peas, plus orange and yellow roses. Photo by Brooke Slezak
See Oscar's step-by-step instructions for making this arrangement.
A tangle of quince with frothy pink peonies and shot glasses with single peony blossoms anchor a table set with hors d'oeuvres at this Jennifer Boles cocktail party. Photo by Sarah Dorio
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A sherbet-toned centerpiece inspired by the colors of a beloved honeysuckle from Floret Farm’s A Year in Flowers by Erin Benzakein. 
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Celebrated garden designer Butter Wakefield fills her beloved lusterware with pink anemones for a Christmas celebration. Photo by Clive Nichols
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Doris Ione summer floral arrangement
A grand centerpiece by New Orleans floral designer Destiny Pinson, combines 'Coral Charm' peonies, viburnum, white tulips, white ranunculus, ‘Clooney’ ranunculus, David Austin ‘Patience’ roses, foraged greenery, and rosemary. Photo by Sara Essex Bradley
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Green glass vases filled with pink flowers
Jimmie Henslee, who styled the flowers for this photo shoot at Interior designer Trish Sheats' Fort Worth home, filled clear green vases with Dutch amaryllis, pink dahlias, and hydrangeas. Photo by Elizabeth Lavin. 
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A small vase of pink peonies with a rose and star of Bethlehem flowers complement this table setting with the reverse side of a suzani and Coralla Maiuri plates and Mottahedeh’s traditional Tobacco Leaf pattern. Photo by David Hillegas
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Eileen Tongson of Farmgal Flowers filled this arrangement with dahlias and fragrant herbs. "Using herbs brings freshness and vitality to arrangements, and the scents trigger memories for people." Photo by Shelly Strazis
Get Eileen's step-by-step instructions for this arrangement.
The floral design and event firm Renny & Reed created this arrangement of pink peonies and lime hydrangeas for a Flower photo shoot at Pineapples, Palms, Etc. in Jupiter, Florida. Photo by Carmel Brantley
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In James Farmer's hallway, a tall arrangement of pink and coral camellias and greenery creates an impactful focal point. Photo by Emily Followill
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Pink and peach flower arrangement in blue and white pitcher
Pink and peach summer blooms with lacy caps of Queen Anne’s lace fill a blue-and-white pitcher on a tray in Cathy B. Graham's kitchen window. Photo by Quentin Bacon and Andrew Ingalls
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rose boutonniere, rosa mystica
New Orleans antiques purveyor and author Patrick Dunne learned early on growing up in Corpus Christi, Texas, to stop and see the roses. He shared memories of a Cécile Brünner rose boutonniere with Flower. Photo by Bonnie Taylor Barry, Shutterstock
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pink floral dog collar
Last (but far from least) is Pink, a great Dane dressed for her owners' wedding. Pink is wearing a flirty pink collar designed by Holly Carlisle using 'White Majolica' spray roses, 'Pink Majolica' spray roses, tulips, ranunculus and blushing bride protea. Photo by Liz Young
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