Sunflower Power

Garden expert P. Allen Smith reveals his tips for growing bountiful sunflowers and shares his favorite varieties

Casa Blanca Lilies

Garden designer Troy Rhone writes of the stately elegance, breathtaking fragrance, and graceful beauty of this summer bloomer

Summer-Approved Bloomers

Looking for flowering plants that can take the heat in the summer garden? Father Nature Landscapes of Birmingham, Alabama, shares favorite varieties of hydrangeas, roses, and natives

As Ye Sow: Saving and Planting Poppy Seeds

"It’s like shaking pepper out of a shaker. It’s that simple," writes gardener Mary Walton Upchurch of the seeds saved from dried poppy pods. Sow your own poppy seeds this fall, and reap the benefits year after year

Plant Daffodils This Fall

When temperatures cool (and a few weeks before it freezes), it’s time to plant spring-blooming daffodils. Gardener Mary Walton Upchurch tells us what she’s learned about growing the early spring bloomers and shares her favorite varieties.

Beauty for a Day: Enjoying Daylilies Indoors

In a love letter to daylilies, gardener Mary Walton Upchurch writes of her unusual approach to the prolific but fleeting blooms, which she grows as cut flowers for the house rather than as ornaments for the garden.

Butterfly Bush: A Cautionary Tale

Butterflies flock to buddleia’s fragrant blooms, but only the most conscientious gardener should consider planting this non-native invasive species. Mary Walton Upchurch explains how to keep it in check.