Our Favorite Hydrangea Arrangements

We LOVE hydrangeas! Here are a few of our favorite arrangements that show off the beauty and versatility of this hearty, summer bloom

Hydrangea arrangements consistently make the list of Flower magazine’s most popular floral features. Their lush, blues, violets, pinks, whites, and even greens never fail to please the senses. Since each flowerhead is practically a bouquet, they stand alone in a vessel beautifully, and fill arrangements out quickly. We’ve gathered dozens of our all-time favorite hydrangeas from the pages of Flower.

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Inspector Poirot would be proud to display this edgy creation of hydrangeas and other summer floral fare (with magnifying glasses) perched on top of a Modern Man base. FLOWER LIST: cymbidium orchids, echeveria succulents, flax leaves, hellebores, hydrangeas, pieris. Design by Christina Springfield of Nouveau Flowers. Photography by Paul Johnson Photography

At Avant Garden, the Todd Fiscus–owned flower boutique in Dallas, blooms like these bi-color "Peppermint" hydrangeas can be purchased by the stem or in arrangements that vary from simple to extravagant. Photography by Claire McCormack

A cluster of hydrangeas, dahlias, and salvia befits the verdant garden room. “I like arrangements that look as if they came from the garden with a bit of random scavenged woodsy greenery woven in,” says Frances Schultz. “Flowers that look intentional but not ‘done.’”
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New Orleans floral designer Margaret Ludwig of Giverny Design creates a monochromatic arrangement in the French style. FLOWER LIST: Trailing ivy, ‘Moonstone’ roses, ‘Lemonade’ roses, ‘Super Green’ roses, parrot tulips, mature hydrangeas, ‘Green Mist’ Queen Anne’s lace, hypericum berries, stars of Bethlehem, amaranthus, hellebores, gardenia buds, bells of Ireland, salal, magnolia leaves, bupleurum, young hydrangeas. Photo by Eugenia Uhl
Learn how to make this arrangement with step-by-step instructions from Ludwig.
A centerpiece of hydrangeas in shades of pink completes Countess Joy de Rohan Chabot's exuberant dining room table set with her hand-painted glassware. Photo by Marie Hennechart

A weathered watering can holds a bunch of pale blue hydrangeas and reminds us just how much these blossoms love a drink. Photography by Liesa Cole
Three floral designers share their tips for making thirsty hydrangea blossoms last in "Keeping Hydrangea Flowers Hydrated."

Sunny-colored rosinweed appear to sprout from a cushion of white hydrangeas in this arrangement from Chris Condon and Bonnie Garrison of Pollen in Atlanta. FLOWER LIST: ‘Hortmabrid’ hydrangeas, cup-plant rosinweed, coralberries, and arrow grass. Photography by Sarah Dorio 

Michael Grim placed individual stems of purple hydrangeas in green glass vases for a simple, graphic display on a carved wooden mantel. Design by The Bridgehampton Florist. Photo by Tria Giovan
summer centerpiece
For Flower magazine’s 10th Anniversary party, we turned to our own Jessica Cohen to create arrangements for the dining tables. Jessica shows how to make this summer centerpiece in pink and green, with hydrangeas, roses, and zinnas.
A large hydrangea is front and center in this loose gathering of flowers, berries, and greenery in a footed Grecian urn. FLOWER LIST: blue hydrangeas, ligustrum berries, viburnum, autumn fern, euphorbia foliage, magnolia foliage, sarcococca foliage. Designed by Jay Lugbihl of In Bloom. Photo by Taylor Mathis
sunflowers and hydrangeas
A towering arrangement of sunflowers, lavender 'Monte Casino' asters, delphinium, and hydrangeas welcomes guests passing through this entryway. Arrangement by Michael Grim. Photo by Tria Giovan
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An autumn arrangement of crab apple, burning bush, roses, hydrangeas, kale, celosia, and ‘Persian Carpet’ zinnias greets guests as they enter Gramercy Tavern's dining room. Designed by Roberta Bendavid. Photography by Michael Mundy

Purple washed hydrangeas and redbud leaves star in this casual summer arrangement. FLOWER LIST: ‘Harlequin’ hydrangeas, glorybower, hyacinth beans, and redbud leaves. Designers Chris Condon and Bonnie Garrison of Pollen in Atlanta. Photography by Sarah Dorio 

For a summer buffet, Cornelia Guest arranged big, lacy, white hydrangeas in a simple vase. Photography by Michael Mundy. Styling by Mary Claire Inglish
See more of this story and some of Cornelia Guest's favorite summer recipes from her book Cornelia Guest's Simple Pleasures.

Yellow peonies and garden roses pop against nautical-blue hydrangeas and violet anemones. Design by Lewis Miller. Photo © Don Freeman
See Lewis Miller's Flower Flashes, moments of floral beauty on the streets of New York.


Ted Kennedy Watson set the table with a mix of cobalt china and glassware, and used single hydrangea blooms in simple glasses. Photos by Claire Takacs
See more of Watson's floral style and his rustic Vashon Island getaway in Westward Bound.
A cork container holds hydrangeas, ‘Cool Water’ and ‘Super Green’ roses, ‘Green Trick’ dianthus, white stock, cymbidium orchids, and turnips at Cachepot in Knoxville, Tennessee. Photo by Caitie Cunic
For a storybook London wedding, heather, moss, and hydrangeas were nestled upon the stone church steps. Design by Robbie Honey. Photography by Charlotte Bromley Davenport
A wreath made of dried purple hydrangeas, pyracantha, sumac, and beauty berries hangs on Ryan Gainey's cottage door. Photography by Sarah Dorio

Designers Chris Condon and Bonnie Garrison of Pollen in Atlanta created this arrangement that is the epitome of southern summers. FLOWER LIST: ‘Nikko Blue’ hydrangeas, trumpet vines, and evergreen clematis foliage. Photography by Sarah Dorio 

Pink hydrangeas, roses, and veronica fill a smattering of vases and engraved baby cups on Chesie Breen's Mother's Day table. Photo by Brooke Slezak
See more of Breen's celebration (and hydrangeas) in "Setting Tradition."

A viridescent bunch of hydrangeas, wildflowers and berries combine for a fresh cottage-style arrangement. FLOWER LIST: 'Emerald Classic' hydrangeas, Queen Anne's lace, pokeweed berries, buckeye pods, wild strawberry leaves. Designers Chris Condon and Bonnie Garrison of  Pollen in Atlanta. Photography by Sarah Dorio

For a 10-year-old's pool party, Michael Grim of The Bridgehampton Florist decorated the table with hydrangeas and dinosaurs and animal figurines, playing to the guests’ passions. Photo by Tria Giovan 

kiana underwood arrangement
In an excerpt from her book, Color Me Floral, Kiana Underwood of Tulipina Design shares her inspiration and step-by-step instructions for a gorgeous, old-world style arrangement of limelight hydrangeas, spray roses, and other summertime foraged stems.
Step-by-Step Instructions
Wendy White’s Birmingham garden serves as her own backyard resource for floral centerpieces like this arrangement of pink, purple, and blue hydrangeas with impatiens and a balloon flowers. Photography by Joseph de Sciose
Hydrangea arborescens, or smooth hydrangeas, grows best in morning sun and afternoon shade. P. Allen Smith loves that the large white flowers age to a limey-green and make a beautiful cut flower.
Smith's Favorite Hydrangea Varieties

Antique copper watering cans overflow with bridesmaids bouquets of white roses and hydrangeas. Design by Ashley Bateman of Nola Flora. Photography by Marissa Lambert
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A symphony of blues, complete with batons, is set in a bower of palms and breezy white linen. FLOWER LIST: clematis, echeveria succulents, grape root vine, hydrangeas, pieris, yucca poles. Design by Christina Springfield of Nouveau Flowers. Photography by Paul Johnson Photography

Red hydrangea blossoms come as a surprise, but blend beautifully with ruddy leaves and russet seed pods in an autumnal arrangement. FLOWER LIST: 'Terracotta' hydrangeas, Chinese flame tree pods, copper beech leaves, and inland sea oats. Designers Chris Condon and Bonnie Garrison of  Pollen in Atlanta. Photography by Sarah Dorio 

A beautiful basket of hydrangeas hangs on the garden gate, welcoming visitors to Charleston's William Elliott House (circa 1739). Photography by Julia Lynn 
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Designer Rebecca Louise Law dramatically raised 6,200 indigo hydrangeas over guests dining inside the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels. Photography by Violin Le Hardÿ & Arnaud Ostrowski.
Find more of London artist Rebecca Louise Law’s artful still lifes and fanciful, vertigo-inducing floral installations, in "Suspended in Air."

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