4 Summer Arrangements by Destiny Pinson

The New Orleans floral designer loves making arrangements in antique and vintage containers, from the modest to the grand
Destiny Pinson, wearing a pale blue shirt and skirt, sits in on a chaise in a light and bright room in a New Orleans home
Destiny Pinson of Doris Ione, a boutique floral and lifestyle studio, creates four summer standouts for FLOWER magazine using a favorite client’s New Orleans home as a beautiful backdrop.

The Inspiration

“I use a lot of whites and greens along with fresh herbs during summertime because they are so refreshing, but here I included coral pinks as well to add a cheerful note,” Pinson said. “I was also inspired by my client’s home, which is so elegant but with some unique and unexpected touches. These colors add to the ambience of the rooms without taking away from their muted, French attitude.”

Completed Destiny Pinson floral arrangment featured in step-by-step instructions
Follow Pinson’s step-by-step instructions to make this floral arrangement at home. Scroll to the end for three more of her inspiring creations, including flower lists.



  • Foraged greenery
  • Mint sprigs
  • ‘Coral Charm’ peonies
  • ‘Clooney’ ranunculus
  • David Austin ‘Patience’ roses
  • ‘Ivory Bells’ fritillaria
  • ‘Honeymoon’ tulip
  • White tulips
  • Flannel flower
  • Viburnum
  • Jasmine


Step 1 photo: A mound of chicken wire taped in place in a shallow container

1 | Don’t shy away from a shallow container! Simply wad up a large piece of chicken wire and make a mound for the bottom (overlap the wire about three times). Then use florist tape to secure the wire, and add water.

Step 2 photo: Destiny Pinson places greenery in chicken wire structure

2 | Choose any greenery you have on hand to create the base for the arrangement. Keep adding pieces until you have covered the chicken wire completely. Put the pieces in at varying angles, making sure to have some drape over the edge of the bowl.

Photo for step 3: detail of mint leaves placed in floral arrangment

3 | Add trimmed sprigs of mint throughout. They add texture and fragrance to the arrangement. Put some pieces on the sides, and then let others dance a little higher on top.


 “It’s time for the wow-factor flowers! The ‘Coral Charm’ peonies make such a statement that you only need a few.”—Destiny Pinson

Step 4 photo: Destiny Pinson tucks stems of ‘Coral Charm’ peonies into the floral arrangment

4 | Use ‘Coral Charm’ peonies that are fully or almost fully opened. Place a pair close together for a strong impact.

Step 5 photo: Destiny Pinson adds ‘Clooney’ ranunculus to the floral arrangement

5 | Add to the wow with pink ‘Clooney’ ranunculus. Place about five throughout, and keep the stems a little longer than the peonies for more movement in the arrangement.

Step 6 photo: adding "Patience" roses

6 | Cream-colored David Austin ‘Patience’ roses have such wonderful open faces. Remove the leaves, trim, and add throughout, some lower and some more on top of the arrangement.

Step 7: Adding fritillaria

7 | More green hues come in with ‘Ivory Bells’ fritillaria, which drapes nicely. Cluster them low and on one side of the arrangement for an asymmetric look.

Step 8: adding Honeymoon tulip

8 | This ‘Honeymoon’ tulip is so lovely that even just one creates a moment in the arrangement. Give it a prominent place in the design.

Step 9: Destiny-Pinson adds flannel flowers to the floral arrangement

9 | Add floater flowers for an airy look. Group them at various heights on one side of the arrangement. These are flannel flowers, but if you can’t find those, other options are scabiosa, anemones, and lisianthus.

Step 10: add viburnum

10 | Fluffy viburnum helps to fill in any holes and adds texture. Cut the stems short, and place all through the arrangement.

Step 11 : tuck in Jasmine

11 |Tuck fragrant pieces of jasmine along the edge, so they drape over the side for additional movement.

Step 12: finish the floral arrangement with white tulips

12 | Finally, add a few white tulips. Pull the petals back to give them a more open look, and place them in a cluster to one side at the edge of the container so they hang down.

3 More “Flower Recipes” by Destiny Pinson

Now that you have a feel for how Pinson constructs her creations, here are three more to inspire you, from modest to grand, including flower lists.

Destiny Pinson summer floral arrangement
Sweet and Petite. Materials: viburnum, mint, rosemary, white ranunculus, pink ‘Clooney’ ranunculus, flannel flower

Doris Ione summer floral arrangement
Coffee Table Conversation Starter. Materials: foraged greenery, mint, white ranunculus, flannel flower, David Austin ‘Patience’ roses, white tulips, pink ‘Clooney’ ranunculus, rosemary

Doris Ione summer floral arrangement
Grand Centerpiece. MATERIALS: ‘Coral Charm’ peonies, viburnum, white tulips, white ranunculus, ‘Clooney’ ranunculus, David Austin ‘Patience’ roses, foraged greenery, rosemary

Produced by Alice Welsh Doyle | Photography by Sara Essex Bradley

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