Green Makes the Scene in these Arrangements

Emerald foliage, chartreuse blossoms, and verdant textures step to the foreground in these green flower arrangements

When it comes to flowers, we love glowing reds, rich violets, and buttery yellows. And while we look for greens as the harbingers of spring, we admit to soon taking them for granted. Well, no more! Emerald foliage, chartreuse blossoms, and verdant textures step to the foreground in these green flower arrangements.

Green Flower Arrangements

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green flower arrangements
A green-and-white arrangement holds court in the 18th-century town house parlor of designer Laura Dowling’s friends, Dr. Morgan Delaney and Osborne Mackie. Photo by Erik Kvalsvik
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old-world style arrangement, geen and pink arrangement
Kiana Underwood of Tulipina Design was inspired summer's lush, green flowers and foliage to compose a gorgeous, old-world style, green and pink arrangement. Photo by Nate Underwood
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at home with flowers
Informal lime-green flowers of viburnum and bells of Ireland are arranged in layers to bring freshness and vitality to Jane Packer's dressing area. Photo  courtesy of Ryland Peters & Small
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green and white flower arrangements
Buffy Hargett Miller created this summer arrangement with hydrangeas, succulents, white roses, honeysuckle vine and other blossoms. Photo by Becky Luigart-Stayner
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christian tortu, green flower arrangement
Christian Tortu created this green bouquet with lady’s mantle, lisianthus, lotus pods, celosia, variegated hosta leaves, and kangaroo paws. Photo by Cal Crary
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Orlando-based floral designer and flower farmer Eileen Tongson creates lush arrangements. Here she combines zinnias, a 'Karma White' dahlia, ammi, variegated pittosporum, yarrow, delphinium, dianthus, feather fern and other textures, all in shades of green and white.  Photo by Shelly Strazis
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green flower arrangements
A student’s arrangement of flowers and foraged greens from Christian Tortu's class at FlowerSchool New York's study abroad program at Les Prés d’Eugénie. Photo by Gemma Hart Ingalls
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green flower arrangements
Margot Shaw’s centerpiece is a study in garden greens: magnolia leaves, viburnum, hosta, and emerging nandina. “My dining room is so green, and it’s fun to play into that,” she says. Photo by Becky Luigart-Stayner
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green and white flower arrangements
Torryne Choate of Birch in San Francisco fashions arrangements with dramatic flair as seen in this bunch of peonies, viburnum, and wild wheat. Photo by Eric Wolfinger
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green flower arrangements
"With so many different intensities, green is a naturally rich choice, but it’s often pushed aside in floral arrangements—and I like giving presence to the underdog."—Maurice Harris of Bloom & Plume. Photo by Jessica Sample
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green and white bouquets
A green, white, and peach bride's bouquet of viburnum, lisianthus, peonies, and roses, designed by Rhea Farris from New Street Flowers. Photo by Lisa Dawn
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green flower arrangements
New Orleans floral designer Margaret Ludwig of Giverny Design creates a monochromatic arrangement in the French style using variations of green that speak to winter’s darker shades and spring’s new growth. Photo by Eugenia Uhl
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green flower arrangement
‘Emerald Classic’ hydrangeas, Queen Anne’s lace, pokeweed berries, buckeye pods, and wild strawberry leaves arranged by Chris Condon and Bonnie Garrison, the husband-and-wife team behind Pollen in Atlanta. Photo by Sarah Dorio
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green floral arrangement
Françoise Weeks’ arrangements for spring should spark your imagination for a flourishing season. Here she combines ‘Caramel Antike’ garden roses, Alexandra roses, paperwhites, viburnum, nerine lilies, succulents, bells of Ireland, alchemilla, hellebores, ranunculus, apples, kiwi halves. Photo by James Fitzgerald III
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green floral arrangements
Using interior designer Betty Burgess’ house as a picture-perfect backdrop, Amy Osaba arranges a mix of flowers and foraged materials (jasmine, honeysuckle, spirea, Virginia sweet spire, hops vine, olive bush foliage, pomegranates on the vine, figs, tree ivy). Photo by Erica George Dines
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container herb garden
Garden-to-table lifestyle guru James Farmer creates a verdant arrangement that he plants for summer parties and then later repurposes in the garden. Photo by Caroline Petters
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green flower arrangement
FlowerSchool New York Director Eileen Johnson was indeed astonished—as Christian Tortu said she would be—at the massive hand-tied bouquet he created for her with leftover flowers.
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green flower arrangements
In his own house in upstate New York, designer Markham Roberts uses greenery cut from the garden to fill an antique Chinese porcelain vase. Photo by Björn Wallander
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green flower arrangement
A bundle of green parrot tulips fills a glazed earthenware Bonheur urn in chartreuse from Photo by David Hillegas
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green boutonniere
Flower magazine’s Jessica Cohen created this boutonniere with succulents that is handsome, masculine, and versatile enough for a wedding or prom.
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st. patrick's day flowers
Farmgirl Flowers created their "Lucky Charm" bouquet with green and white pon pon ranunculus to share for St. Patrick's Day.
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Ray Jordan and Janet Jackson of Birmingham’s FlowerBuds combine flowers in shades of green, together with pops of red berries and curly willow, creating a design with movement and texture. Photo by Becky Luigart-Stayner
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Green and white flower arrangement and table setting
James T. Farmer says, "Green and white is always right! Any season or setting, I love this classic combo." In this photo from James' book, Celebrating Home: A Time for Every Season (Gibbs Smith, 2022), shades of chartreuse mingle with verdant foliage. Zinnias, hosta leaves, bolted basil and Queen Anne’s lace pods bloom out of trumpet vases. Touches of gold, warm bamboo, crystal glasses and white linens carry on the summery palette. Photo by Emily Followill
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Floral designer and flower farmer Eileen Tongson of Farmgal Flowers creates lush arrangements with the surprise of fragrant herbs tucked throughout. In this beautifully textured green arrangement, she blended 'Alaska Mix' nasturtium in with dianthus, lisianthus, ammi, feather fern, 'Dalmation White' foxglove, variegated aspidistra, ming fern, featherleaf fern, variegated pittosporum, weeping podocarpus, and asparagus fern. Photo by Shelly Strazis
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Butter Wakefield green arrangements
Silver mint julep cups full of nodding Lenten roses beside a jar filled with greenery of almost every texture in Butter Wakefield's Ravenscourt Park home. Photo by Clive Nichols
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