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Potatoes Patio Recipe

Potatoes Patio

“If I had nothing else to eat in my life, I think these potatoes would be enough. Yes, they are rich. Very! And they fall under the category of CSE (Can’t Stop Eating…).” –ALEX HITZ

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Alex Hitz’s Lobster Bisque

“I always call this ‘Lobster Bisque for Christmas Eve’ because that’s how I remember it at our house in Atlanta. It’s pretty and pink, decadent, rich, and let’s face it, expensive enough to be considered special occasion food.” –ALEX HITZ

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Coconut Pudding with Caramel sauce

“My friend Susan Gutfreund is an excellent hostess. She decorates beautifully, too. And she can cook. In theatrical circles, one might call her a ‘triple threat!’ One Christmas Eve, she served me this incredible pudding. I’ve adapted it and have served it again and again, and the combination of the caramel and the coconut is unexpected and extraordinary.” –ALEX HITZ

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