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helleborus lenten rose care

Lenten Rose Care

Holy Hellebores! Landscape designer Troy Rhone tells all about Helleborus Lenten rose, shares tips for Lenten rose care and some of his favorite Lenten rose varieties to consider for your garden

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casa blanca lilies, white oriental lily

Casa Blanca Lilies

As timeless as the classic Bogart-Bergman film, the ‘Casa Blanca’ lily brings elegance to landscape designer Troy Rhone’s garden

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mardi gras flowers, how to arrange mardi gras flowers

Jubilant Mardi Gras Flowers

Flower magazine’s Jessica Cohen kicks off Mardi Gras season with a jubilant arrangement in purple, gold, and green. Watch the video for step-by-step instructions and Jessica’s tips

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pink flower arrangements

In the Pink

Whether you just love pink or, like Shelby in Steel Magnolias, appreciate the subtleties of “bashful” and “blush,” you’re sure …

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