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Zinnia Flowers Save the Day

If the summer heat is wearing out your garden, colorful zinnias will save the day. P. Allen Smith shares tips for growing zinnias and some of his favorite zinnia varieties

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cathy graham style

Cathy Graham Back in Bloom

After a divorce and professional hiatus, artist and entertaining maven Cathy Graham is back with a perspective as fresh as the whimsical illustrations and fanciful events for which she is renowned

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garden rose bouquet, peach and green wedding bouquet

Make a Garden Rose Bouquet

Jessica Cohen shows how to make a garden rose bouquet, recreating her own wedding bouquet of peach colored Juliet and Campanella roses with succulents and berries

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feria de las flores

¡Feria de las Flores!

In the backyard of the largest cut flower–producing region in Colombia, an annual festival blends culture and color in an explosion of fresh blooms

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