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harvest celebration

A Harvest Celebration

As yellow leaves form heaps in the garden and gentle fall winds blow, Finnish stylist Sanna Länsivierto arranges a gathering where beauty and ambience go hand in hand with delicious food

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Gluten-Free Multiseed Crispbread

Beet Hummus

“At harvest time, take a moment to admire the wonderful colors in nature, like the vibrant purple tones of beets,” says Sanna Länsivierto.

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summer repast, frank stitt, paradise farm

A Summer Repast at the Farm

On a weekend afternoon, Pardis and Frank Stitt gather friends around the table to partake in the flavors of the season, many of which have been harvested from their Alabama farm

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templeton iced tea, cornelia guest

Templeton Iced Tea

A few summers ago, Cornelia Guest hosted a summer afternoon tea at Templeton, her family home on Long Island, and shared the recipe for her famous iced tea

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