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helleborus lenten rose care

Lenten Rose Care

Holy Hellebores! Landscape designer Troy Rhone tells all about Helleborus Lenten rose, shares tips for Lenten rose care and some of his favorite Lenten rose varieties to consider for your garden

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casa blanca lilies, white oriental lily

Casa Blanca Lilies

As timeless as the classic Bogart-Bergman film, the ‘Casa Blanca’ lily brings elegance to landscape designer Troy Rhone’s garden

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Garden Water Features

Few things bring a garden to life like water. Find the right splash for your yard and enjoy more than two dozen of the most popular garden water features, outdoor fountains, and garden pools featured in Flower magazine.

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charlotte moss, winter gardens

Winter Gardens

Author and designer Charlotte Moss finds beauty, quiet, and infinite possibility in the gardens of winter

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Martha Stewart’s Summer Getaway, Skylands

At Skylands, Martha Stewart’s summer getaway on the coast of Maine, the goddess of all things domestic coaxes the grandeur (and granite) of the former Edsel Ford estate to shine once again with the help of her landscape architect

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p allen smith rose garden

Adventures in Roses

P. Allen Smith shares how his time “across the pond” inspired the rose garden at Moss Mountain Farm and gives his tips for growing roses, along with his favorite varieties

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