Inspiring Amaryllis Arrangements

Big, showy amaryllis flowers are beloved at Christmastime and beyond. Be inspired by FLOWER's collection of popular amaryllis arrangements, from grand floral centerpieces to simple elegant containers of forced blooms

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closeup of flower-adorned chandelier

Interior designer Jane Schwab enlisted floral designer Jay Lugibihl of In Bloom Ltd. to help decorate her 1923 Colonial-style cottage home for the holidays. Here, he used clear floral tape and fishing line to hang amaryllis, ranunculus, berries, and smilax from the dining room chandelier for a look inspired by the work of British artist Rebecca Louise Law. See story.

Photography by Laurey W. Glenn
green and white floral arrangement featuring amaryllis by floral designer Kakhi Huffaker Wakefield

Amaryllis along with poinsettia, roses, snapdragons, and Queen Anne's lace makes for a gorgeously lush green-and-white holiday centerpiece by Chattanooga-based floral talent Kakhi Huffaker Wakefield. See story.

Photography by David Hillegas
amaryllis arrangements

Interiors expert Michelle Nussbaumer styles her holiday table with a lush display of ruby-hued amaryllis, roses, tulips, and dahlias along with sprigs of evergreen arranged in assorted vessels. Other table accents include suzani tablecloths, Indian palampores, 18th-century Spanish pottery, and Swiss etched crystal with mountain scenes. See story. 

Photography by Melanie Acevedo
The chest sits under a natural-wood mullioned window. Decorating with antiques and choosing such architectural details are how event planners Rick Davis and Christopher Vazquez made their new country home look like an old farmhouse in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

In the Maryland country home of event planners Rick Davis and Christopher Vazquez, an arrangement of amaryllis, pine cones, holly, and evergreens sits atop a circa 1800s trunk found at an antiques store. See story.

Photography by Jenn Verrier

Connecticut designer Carmiña Roth decorates with simple pots of forced amaryllis blooms during the holidays. “The red amaryllis is one of my favorite choices when decorating for the Christmas season,” she says. See story.

Photography by Tria Giovan
Arrangement of amaryllis and Cymbidium orchids with piles of pumpkins.
Floral designer Jimmie Henslee created this bold arrangement of rose hips, pyracantha, smoke bush, Dutch amaryllis, eucalyptus, millet, and Cymbidium orchids is surrounded by pumpkins in muted colors. See more from this West Fort Worth home designed by Trish Sheats. Photo by Elizabeth Lavin
Amaryllis Christmas Flower Arrangement

Sybil Sylvester's merry and unexpected combination of delphinium, sea holly, amaryllis, and ilex berries is a new Christmas favorite for the editors of FLOWER. See story.

Photography by Laurey W. Glenn
red amaryllis flower arrangment

Pat Roberts and Sherry Spencer, the mother-daughter duo behind Southern Blooms, designed this arrangement with ‘Piano’ garden roses, ‘Red Charm’ peonies, red amaryllis, oncidium orchids, blue viburnum berries, string of pearls succulents, begonia foliage, camellia foliage, nandina foliage, olive foliage, cedar foliage, and curly willow. See story.

Photography by Kip Dawkins
Floral Design by Jimmie Henslee
A lively mix of Dutch amaryllis, dahlias, cockscomb, and garden roses arranged by Jimmie Henslee sits on the family room cocktail table of a home designed by Trish Sheats. See more of this West Forth Worth home. Photo by by Elizabeth Lavin

In lieu of traditional flower arrangements on this table, New Orleans floral designer Stephen Sonnier styled “runners” made from boxwood garlands and seasonal blooms in varying shades of white, including amaryllis, peonies, and open ‘O’Hare’ and ‘Patience’ roses. See story.

Photography by James Shaw and Eugenia Uhl
christmas flowers

Poinsettia, paperwhites, and amaryllis bring Christmas cheer to a lovely crowd of blooms and greenery in a masterful mix by Kiana Underwood of Tulipina. See story.

Photography by Nate Underwood

Tricia Foley keeps simple Christmas decorations beautifully serene, incorporating organic touches with what she calls her “50 shades of white.” She prefers single-flower arrangements, and white amaryllis are the stars of her floral show in winter. See story.

Photography by Marili Forastieri

Floral designer Laura Dowling's vase of poinsettias, lilies, amaryllis, roses, evergreens, and berries makes a stately focal point in an entryway. See story.

Photography by Erik Kvalsvik
white floral centerpiece

White amaryllis mixes with greenery, tallow berry, and viburnum branches in a creation by Diane Joyal of Bowerbird Flowers & Apothecary in Raleigh, North Carolina. This vase was one of many she arranged while collaborating with a trio of talents to show off a newly redecorated home for the season. See story.

Photography by Catherine Nguyen

Ray Jordan and Janet Jackson of FlowerBuds mass deep-red flowers of amaryllis, ‘Freedom’ roses, and scarlet spray roses in a heart-shaped silver vase, adding a dramatic exclamation point to this neutral corner. See story.

Photography by Becky Luigart-Stayner
amaryllis topiary

For an amaryllis topiary, Greg Campbell of Garden District in Memphis demonstrates how to make an impact using just one variety of flower and a few of his trade secrets. See story.

Photo by Jay Adkins
amaryllis arrangements

Of Christmas colors, Barry Dixon says, "My reds and greens are rarely traditional ones. I love citrine and magnolia-leaf greens, and the reds lean towards orange and vermillion." Here, a vase is filled with limes, magnolia leaves, and white amaryllis. See story.

Photography by Erik Kvalsvik

Tom Mathieu's chic bundle of apricot 'Rilona’ amaryllis with kiwi vine reminds us that not all amaryllis are red and white. See story. 

Photography by Jessica Glynn
White amaryllis and garland with pinecones on mantel in living room.
In the New York living room of designer and blogger Tina Yaraghi, six pots of white amaryllis nestle behind a garland of greenery and grand pine cones. See more of Tina's Long Island home decked out for the holidays. Photo by Brittany Ambridge
Heather Barrie's Spring Palette arrangement

In Charleston, Heather Barrie of Gathering Floral & Event Design saw a whitewashed wall as an ideal canvas for this burst of coral blossoms including ‘Rilona’ amaryllis, bromeliad buds, lisianthus, and ranunculus. See story.

Photography by Christopher Shane

Michal Evans, one of Atlanta’s premier floral and event designers, accentuates the luxe decor of interior designer Suzanne Kasler's home with a painterly arrangement of ‘Mocca’ amaryllis, ‘Babylon’ dahlias, cymbidium orchids, sedum, gypsy dianthus, and jasmine vine. See story.

Photography by Erica George Dines
amaryllis arrangements

A small artistic arrangement features amaryllis ‘Tarantula,’ anemones, mixed eucalyptus, painted plumosa, poinsettia, and foraged bits. Floral designer Holly Carlisle created this piece and many others to set an ethereal mood when styling the home of artist Ashley Spotswood for the holidays. See story.

Photography by David Hillegas

Growing Amaryllis Flowers at Home

Garden designer and expert P. Allen Smith shares his tips for growing amaryllis in the video below. Early to mid-November is the perfect time to plant to have flowers in time for Christmas festivities, as the bulbs take 4 to 6 weeks to bloom.