Popular Gardening Topics

Sunflower Power

Garden expert P. Allen Smith reveals his tips for growing bountiful sunflowers and shares his favorite varieties

Summer-Approved Bloomers

Looking for flowering plants that can take the heat in the summer garden? Father Nature Landscapes of Birmingham, Alabama, shares favorite varieties of hydrangeas, roses, and natives

Welcoming Wildflowers in the Garden

Preserving or cultivating local wildflowers in your landscape doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition, writes Mary Walton Upchurch, who has quite the trove of native gems in her garden in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Growing a Butterfly Garden

Sunny beds of nectar-rich blooms and caterpillar-friendly host plants will bring butterflies fluttering your way. Gardening enthusiast Mary Walton Upchurch shares her tips.

Caring for Your Summer Flower Garden

Deadheading, fertilizing, disease and insect control, weeding, and watering—garden expert and designer P. Allen Smith reviews his top five strategies to help keep the summer flower garden fresh and blooming all season long