Popular Gardening Topics

Welcoming Wildflowers in the Garden

Preserving or cultivating local wildflowers in your landscape doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition, writes Mary Walton Upchurch, who has quite the trove of native gems in her garden in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Growing a Butterfly Garden

Sunny beds of nectar-rich blooms and caterpillar-friendly host plants will bring butterflies fluttering your way. Gardening enthusiast Mary Walton Upchurch shares her tips.

Lenten Rose Care

Holy Hellebores! Landscape designer Troy Rhone tells all about Helleborus Lenten rose, shares tips for Lenten rose care and some of his favorite Lenten rose varieties to consider for your garden

16 of Our Favorite Fragrant Roses

One of the many delights of strolling through a garden, beyond the visual, is its fragrances. We’ve rounded up some rose varieties that are as appealing to the nose as they are to the eye