Arrange Flowers in a Compote Vase

FLOWER magazine’s Jessica Cohen demonstrates a floral design for a compote vase featuring a gold-touched palette that bridges summer and autumn

Compote Vase Inspiration

This floral design appeared at a recent outdoor party at the home of our Editor-in-Chief Margot Shaw. The gold finish of the compote vase inspired the choice of golden mustard roses. When layered with greens and soft whites, the color palette is perfect for the time between summer and fall.

The wide bowl of a compote is easy to work with and ideal for creating a loose, abundant garden-inspired look. Then, for the mechanics, we tried Holly Heider Chapple’s floral “pillow” instead of chicken wire. This reusable item is a convenient tool for beginners and experts. Note: While we opted to secure the pillow with waterproof floral tape on our first run through, it is not necessary as long as the cage fits well in your vessel of choice.

pillow floral cage product shot
Floral pillow by Holly Heider Chapple for Syndicate through


  • Gold compote vase – 10 1/8 inches in diameter
  • Holly Heider Chapple Pillow – 10 inches in diameter
  • Waterproof floral tape
  • Clippers
  • Elaeagnus foliage
  • Spiral eucalyptus
  • Blue thistle
  • White spray roses
  • Brunia balls
  • White snapdragon
  • Golden mustard roses
  • White anemones
  • White ranunculus

compote vase flower arrangement


1 | Insert the pillow floral cage into, or on top of, the compote vase. If needed, secure with tape.

2 | “Green down” the arrangement using a variety of foliage (we used elaeagnus). Make sure to strip leaves from the bottoms of stems.

3 | Add height with tall stems of greenery, such as spiral eucalyptus.

4 | Complete the base with clusters of blue thistle.

5 | Add spray roses to fill any holes. Arrange them in a triangular formation.

6 | Use brunia balls as a filler flower.

7 | Place a tall flower stem in the center of the compote. Examples: snapdragon, bells of Ireland, stock.

8 | Insert golden mustard roses in a triangular formation. The color of these beautiful blooms complements the gold compote vase perfectly.

9 | Add longer stems of anemones and ranunculus. Varying the height this way gives the arrangement an airy look.

Produced by Jessica Cohen

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