Hot Pink and Green Summer Centerpiece

Flower magazine's Jessica Cohen shows how to make a bright, bold, summery arrangement


“My inspiration for this summer centerpiece arrangement is the season, which is all about bright colors and hot weather. Shades of hot pink and green make up this fun color palette. I chose hydrangea and hot pink roses to help fill out the arrangement. Green viburnum and pink veronica bring texture to the design while a pop of long lasting alstroemeria helps fill in empty spaces. Lastly, I added zinnias, sun-loving flowers that add bold, vibrant color to any arrangement.” — Jessica Cohen


  • Hot pink roses
  • Mixed zinnias
  • Hot pink alstroemeria
  • Pink veronica
  • Green hydrangea
  • Green viburnum
  • Salal (lemon leaf) greenery


  • 8-inch glass garden dish
  • Pitcher with water
  • ½-inch clear floral tape
  • Pruning shears
  • Scissors


Step 1  Start with a wide-mouthed vessel. For the arrangement in the video, I’m using a wide and relatively shallow glass vase. Create a tape grid to hold up the flowers in this container’s large opening. Use 1/2-inch clear floral tape. Add water to the container after taping.

Step 2   Create a base of greenery with the lemon leaf. Cut stems at an angle and cross them in the vessel. This will help create a grid of stems to support other plant material and flowers.

Step 3  Add hydrangeas to create a frame for the arrangement.

Step 4  Removing any dark or damaged petals as you go, add roses to the arrangement. Continue crossing stems as you place the roses.

Step 5  To add texture and fill any empty spaces, add green viburnum. Remember to remove any leaves that could be below the water line.

Step 6  Continue adding roses and other flowers. Zinnias bring additional bright hues to the composition. Pop them into the arrangement where there are open spots. Use alstroemeria (aka Inca lilies) as a filler flower. These long-lasting flowers are a favorite of mine in arrangements.

Step 7  Add some drama and even more texture with stems of veronica. You can often get two pieces by cutting each stem of veronica—one with flowers and one with buds. Look at the arrangement from each side and fill any gaps or spots that need additional color or texture. Enjoy this simple, summery arrangement!

Pink and green summer centerpiece flower arrangement with roses, hydrangeas, zinnias, and veronica.

Produced by Jessica Cohen

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