Blooming Evergreen Wreath

Erin McClendis of E. Vincent Floral Design in Atlanta makes a holiday wreath with jewel-toned flowers and sparkling details
Evergreen Christmas wreath with roses, lilies, and other fresh flowers

Erin’s Inspiration

“I wanted to step away from the traditional wreath and include a variety of fresh flowers, berries, and faux materials, mixing up the classic Christmas palette with some brighter hues like blues and pinks,” says Erin McClendis of E. Vincent Floral Design.

Portrait of Erin McClendis, owner of E. Vincent Floral Design, wearing a pale pink sweater and long matching skirt

Blooming Evergreen Wreath Tutorial


  • Wire wreath frame
  • Floral water tubes
  • Floral wire
  • Douglas-fir
  • Juniper berry clusters
  • Ilex berries
  • Roses
  • Carnations
  • Delphinium
  • Lisianthus
  • Lilies
  • Sparkly decorative wire
  • Faux-pearl sprigs

Step 1

Use precut pieces of the Douglas-fir to create individual bundles that will serve as the base for the wreath. Gather four or five pieces per bundle to ensure they are dense enough to cover the wire frame.

wreath step 1, Erin McClendis demonstrates making a small bundle of fir branches

Step 2

Wire the first bundle directly onto the wreath with floral wire. Hold the bundle against the wire frame, and then wrap floral wire around it to attach it. Wrap the bundle several times to secure it.

step 2, attaching evergreen bundle to wire wreath form

Step 3

Layer the second bundle on top of the first. As you add more bundles, start layering in additional texture and color using the flowers, juniper berries, and faux materials. When adding flowers into the bundles, make a fresh cut, and then insert the stems into a floral water tube. That will make it easy to change out the flowers when they fade.

Step 3: Cutting the end of a red carnation

Step 4

Continue to vary the flowers, juniper berries, and faux materials you add to the greenery in each bundle. Most of the flowers I chose, such as carnations and roses, have a long bloom life and strong stems.

Step 4, adding flowers to wreath form, nestled beside an evergreen bundle

Step 5

Be sure to alternate bundles between ones consisting of only fir and ones with a mix. Step back occasionally to view the whole wreath and make sure you are happy with the look.

step 5, close up of blue delphinium, white roses with red-edged petals, red roses, and berries tucked into an evergreen green

Step 6

Fill the entire wire wreath, making sure some of the fir drapes off the frame for movement. Then check that every bundle is secure. Make adjustments if needed.

step 6, portrait of Erin McClendis of E. Vincent Floral Design as she fills out her wreath form with evergreen and red and blue flowers and berries

Step 7

Tuck some of the bright red ilex berries into the wreath to provide additional texture. Because the stems of the berries are so strong, they can simply be inserted into the prewired bundles of greenery and flowers.

step 7, adding red ilex berries

Step 8

Add some sparkle to the wreath. (I picked a shiny, copper-colored wire and wove it throughout the design.) Then choose the best place to showcase your wreath, such as on the front door, on a garden gate, or inside your home.

step 8, finishing touches for blooming evergreen wreath

Produced by Alice Welsh Doyle | Photography by David Hillegas

To see more from Erin McClendis of E. Vincent Floral Design, follow her on Instagram at @xo.evincent.

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