Flower’s 2019 Books for Giving

Peruse our favorite books to land on our desks in 2019 on the topics of floral design, home interiors, architecture, gardens, and entertaining. Give them for a gift—or add them to your own bookshelf

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Spring Awakening Arrangement, Ariella Chezar how-to
Living with Flowers book cover
Blooms: Contemporary Floral Design (Phaidon, 2019)
New York Splendor
Bunny Williams, Love Affairs with Houses
Love Affairs with Houses by Bunny Williams (Abrams, 2019). Read the Flower book review.
Interior designer Jeffrey Bilhuber, everyday decorating
Everyday Decorating by Jeffrey Bilhuber (Rizzoli, 2019). See the Flower Q&A with Bilhuber.
Book cover for Tom Scheerer: More Decorating
The Art of Place: Architecture and Interiors by Lee Ledbetter (Rizolli, 2019)
The Well Adorned Home: Making Luxury Livable by Cathy Kincaid (Rizzoli New York, 2019)
book cover: Near & Far: Interiors I Love by Lisa Fine (Vendome, 2019)
book cover for Renewing Tradition: The Architecture of Eric J. Smith
No Place Like Home: Interiors by Madeline Stuart (Rizzoli, 2019)
Italian Gardens of Lake Como
Italian Gardens of Lake Como by Lucia Impelluso, with photography by Dario Fusaro (Mondadori Electa, 2019). See an excerpt featured in Flower.
Scott Shrader book, Art of Outdoor Living
The Art of Outdoor Living by Scott Shrader (Rizzoli, 2019). See the Flower book review.
Bloom: The Luminous Gardens of Frederico Azevedo (Pointed Leaf Press, 2019)
Garden Wild book cover
Garden Wild by photographer Andre Baranowski (Rizzoli, 2019). See the Flower book review.


Stilled Life by Sam Stapleton
Stilled Life by photographer Sam Stapleton (Bloodroot Mountain Press, 2018). Discover the artist's frozen flower photography in Flower's feature story.
Into the Garden by artist Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff (G Arts, 2019). See the Flower book review.
English Gardens: From the Archives of Country Life Magazine (Rizzoli, 2019)
English Gardens: From the Archives of Country Life Magazine (Rizzoli, 2019). For lovers of English gardens, this is the ultimate tome.
The Garden Chef, Phaidon
The Garden Chef: Recipes and Stories from Plant to Plate (Phaidon, 2019). Features 40 top chefs around the world and the recipes they cook from their gardens.
Book cover for "From Garden to Glass: 80 Botanical Beverages Made From the Finest Fruits, Cordials, and Infusions " by David Hurst (Universe Publishing, 2019)
Garden to Glass by Mike Wolf
Garden to Glass: Grow Your Drinks From the Ground Up by Mike Wolf (Turner Publishing, 2019). For the person who is equal parts passionate gardener and craft cocktail hobbyist—see the Flower book review and try Wolf's recipe for a Day-Off Rita.
The Art of the Host: Recipes and Rules for Flawless Entertaining by Alex Hitz (Rizzoli, 2019)
Book cover for Entertaining at Home by Ronda Carman
Cookies & Cocktails: Drink, Dunk & Devour by Katherine Cobbs
Southern Hospitality at Home by Susan Sully
A Great Party: Designing the Perfect Celebration by Bryan Rafanelli (Rizzoli, 2019)
A Great Party: Designing the Perfect Celebration by Bryan Rafanelli (Rizzoli, 2019)

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