Secret Speakeasy, Wine Cellar, & Adjoining Morning Bar

Designed by Corey Damen Jenkins for the Atlanta Showhouse | Floral design by Kirk Whitfield

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“I bucked the trend of the masculine tones and dark fabrics often used in these kinds of spaces, and embraced a more elegant and fashion-forward aesthetic.” – Corey Damen Jenkins

Morning Bar

“We really wanted to design spaces that kept the lady of the house in mind. I don’t feel that we see enough spaces that are specifically designed for women’s relaxation.” Beyond kitchens and dressing rooms, “we should be thinking about women having their own spaces to simply just be present, a space where they can focus on how they feel.” The morning bar cabinetry is by Kingdom Woodworks.

“There’s so much sculptural geometry, from the oval insets in the speakeasy to the intricate and exacting shelving in the wine room.” Sculpture also comes into play in the morning bar’s fixtures from Sherle Wagner.

Wine Cellar

Beyond the morning bar, just off the hall, a table set up for tasting sits in the center of the wine cellar. Again, pink walls brighten the windowless space. To the right of the table, a jib door opens into the secret speakeasy.

Secret Speakeasy

Mirrors, reflective finishes, and organic motifs such as the Gracie wallpaper visually defy the feeling of a closed-in, windowless room. “Going light and ethereal achieves a ‘Jedi mind trick’ that makes the spaces feel taller and airy and invites people in.”

Corey says, “Life is too short to live in a beige box!” Shades of pink weave from the morning bar through to the wine cellar, painted insets of the coffered ceiling, and chairs by Hancock & Moore.

Antique art juxtaposes with a contemporary painting by Atlanta artist Shanequa Gay. Corey used Kravet fabrics—several of his own design—on the built-in banquette cushions and pillows. The octagonal tables and stools are from Maitland-Smith.


Kirk Whitfield of K & Co. Floral‘s splendid composition of coral peonies and roses with hydrangeas, grevillea, and Japanese maple branches is magnificent on the terrace-level morning bar. As the peonies open and age they will change from coral pink to salmon, and eventually cream and white.

See more arrangements from Kirk Whitfield and follow her on Instagram.

Arrangement of peonies, roses, hydrangeas, and Japanese maple branches designed by Kirk Whitfield on morning bar in the Flower Atlanta showhouse
Photo by Brian Bieder


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