Bring on the Romance

Enjoy this collection of Flower magazine’s most enchanting, whimsical, and romantic flower arrangements

Bring on the floral romance! Not just the lovey-dovey, hearts and flowers sort, but idyllic, picturesque, fairy-tale designs. Let’s escape into clouds of blossoms, cascades of trailing vines, and fanciful vessels in this collection of Flower magazine’s most romantic flower arrangements and displays.

Romantic Flower Arrangements

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romantic flower arrangements, kim starr wise arrangments
Garden roses, anemones, clematis, ranunculus, sweet peas, dusty miller, and butterfly bush look as though they've just been cut from the gardens at Longue Vue in this glorious arrangement from Kim Starr Wise.
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sara winward, perennial flower arrangements

The wildness of jasmine vines, eryngium, and calcynia enhances the allure of pretty blooms of ranunculus and ‘Quicksand’ roses in an arrangement by Sarah Winward of Salt Lake City. Photo by Leo Patrone
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sybil sylvester arrangement
This bright color mix is one of designer Sybil Sylvesters "happy favorites"—various hues of peonies, garden roses, French tulips, lilacs, and viburnum—and makes it English garden glam. The traditional garden urn and arrangement are the ideal complement to this antique English sideboard.  Photo by Monica Buck. See more of Sybil Sylvester's floral designs.
In a sunlight-filled, elegant white room, a suspended floral arrangement by Monica Delgado hangs above a simple wooden chair

Given the choice between dining under the stars or Monica Delgado’s sweet, romantic flower chandelier of cymbidium orchid, carnation, burgundy cotinus, ‘Cappuccino’ rose, and plumosa fern, we say flowers. Photo by Monica Buck
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at home with flowers
Sometimes romance comes in the form of a whimsical container. Jane Packer’s container ideas range from funky-colored mod ceramic vases, to streamlined white shapes, to silver trophies and old lusterware tea sets. Here, a hand-painted, antique, milk glass hand and vase holds a shock of pink blossoms and buds balanced with chartreuse foliage. Photo courtesy of Ryland Peters & Small
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In an old-world style arrangement, Kiana Underwood of Tulipina fills a rather tall vase with orchids, tulips, zinnias, hydrangeas, spray roses, and gracefully drooping branches of walnut, weeping willow, and Chinese lantern. Photo by Nate Underwood
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Peony Arrangements, romantic arrangements
Erick New and Greg Campbell of Garden District in Memphis created a garland studded with peonies for a regal table in a field of yarrow at Oregon’s Hammelman Farms. Photo by Sarah Bell of Sélavie Photography
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narcissus, jonquils, daffodils
A silver vase filled with several varieties of narcissus shows how well daffodils, jonquils, and other spring bulbs lend themselves to effortless, just-picked-from-the-garden floral arrangements. Photo by Georgianna Lane
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Branches covered in cherry blossoms that bend and curve naturally bring movement to Lewis Miller's arrangement of peonies and chrysanthemums, creating "a composition that is controlled and stylized with moments of whimsy and serendipity." Photo by Don Freeman
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English garden roses, English roses
A massing of a single flower type can create drama, especially the array of flower colors and shapes in the buds and blooms of 'The Generous Gardener,' a variety of English garden roses from David Austin.
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Dandelion cloud
All ages found enchantment in this installation by Swiss artist Regine Ramseier, who sprayed 2,000 dandelions with adhesive to preserve them, and suspended an ethereal meadow from the ceiling. Photo by Regine Ramseier
romantic flower arrangements
Lewis Miller notes the role of shape and silhouette in conjuring a floral fantasy. “Tulips are great shape shifters," he says. “They die so beautifully. The blossoms begin in the shape of an egg and then each petal stretches and opens wide before it falls away.” Photo by Don Freeman
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A French-style bouquet of peach and purple blooms sits on an outdoor table at a cafe in Paris
When Laura Dowling returned to Paris, the place where she fell in love flowers, to work on her book Bouquets, she "flowered" iconic haunts around the city with her romantic French-style bouquets. Here, a pastel bouquet of roses, lilac, and clematis stands on a table at a chic café on the Right Bank. Photo by Erik Kvalsvik
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francoise weeks spring arrangements
Françoise Weeks’ arrangements spark imagination and always seem to capture the magic of the season. This composition of paperwhites, ranunculus, muscari, hyacinths, alchemilla, kalanchoe, cyclamen, sweet peas, viburnum, freesia, tulips, maidenhair ferns, and succulents looks as though it were discovered on the forest floor one spring morning.
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Flower list: foraged greenery, mint sprigs, ‘Coral Charm’ peonies, ‘Clooney’ ranunculus, David Austin ‘Patience’ roses, ‘Ivory Bells’ fritillaria, ‘Honeymoon’ tulip, white tulips, flannel flower, viburnum, jasmine
A fanciful antique vessel sets the scene for a lush composition by New Orleans designer Destiny Pinson featuring foraged greenery, mint sprigs, peonies, ranunculus, roses, fritillaria, tulips, viburnum, jasmine, and—for an airy note—long stems of flannel flowers "floating" above. Photo by Sara Essex Bradley
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Some of the dreamiest floral compositions don't require a container at all. Bridget Beth Collins deconstructs flowers and leaves and puts them together again in imaginative ways. Shown above is one of her “naturescapes,” as she calls them. Photo by Bridget Beth Collins
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Rachel Ashwell, The Prairie Bed and Breakfast
Rachel Ashwell finds the romance and beauty in imperfections by layering timeworn favorites and staying true to a particular palette. She fills this antique jar to overflowing with lavender roses at her Texas bed and breakfast, The Prairie. Photo by Amy Neunsinger
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Rebecca Louise Law
Showers of flowers! Rebecca Louise Law's installation of garden blooms dangles from the glass ceiling of the Floral Hall inside the London Royal Opera House for the Ballet and Banquet affair hosted by Hermès. Photo © ROH/Andre J Uspenski 2011
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A bouquet of peonies, hydrangeas, sweet peas, tulips, and roses is ready for a fragrant bicycle ride through the streets of Paris. Photo by Georgianna Lane
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Finished floral arrangement demonstrated by Kelly Marie Thompson. Materials: Pieris japonica, Plum tree foliage, Bridal veil grass , Millet grass, Explosion grass, ‘Blushing Bride’ protea‘, Prairie Sunset’ roses, ‘Romantic Antike’ roses, ‘Koko Loko’ roses, ‘Butterfly’ ranunculus
Evoking the romance of a Midwest prairie sunset, Chicago's Kelly Marie Thompson mixed wild grasses with ‘Blushing Bride’ protea, ‘Prairie Sunset’ roses, ‘Koko Loko’ roses, ‘Romantic Antike’ roses, and ‘Butterfly’ ranunculus.
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Rowboat wedding flowers
Every bride dreams of making a grand entrance. What could be more romantic than a rowboat bedecked in peonies, roses, and honeysuckle before you begin charting new waters together? Flowers by Ariella Chezar. Photo by Brian Doben
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kristen caissie of moon canyon
Like a sunny embrace from Mother Nature, an ephemeral design by Kristen Caissie features white dahlias, grasses, garlic buds, persimmon branches, and bunches of spidery, wild clematis. Photo by Corbin Gurkin
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