The Ultimate Dinner Party

To mark the occasion of Replacements, Ltd turning 40, FLOWER’s style editor has selected tableware essentials, from the plates to the dessert spoons, worthy of a first-rate sit-down feast
Outdoor dinner party table
Oiseau De Paradis dinner plates by Gien from Replacements, Ltd adorn a nature-inspired setting for an outdoor dinner party. Table styling and location by Frances Schultz. Photo by Shelly Strazis

Over the past few weeks, Flower magazine has been celebrating a big anniversary for our partner Replacements, Ltd. We began with an elegant cocktail hour, followed a simple, but divine oysters and martinis gathering. Now it’s time for the ultimate dinner party, and Flower style editor Amanda Smith Fowler has once again curated a fabulous collection of tableware from Replacements to create a virtual setting befitting the occasion.

Set the Table

Click the arrows, or swipe if on a mobile device, to see Amanda’s essentials for the ultimate dinner party honoring Replacements, Ltd’s 40th year. Shop her selections and more here.

Replacements 40th Anniversary dinner party, plates and chargers

1 | A Plate for Everything …

… and everything on its plate. Flower style editor Amanda Smith Fowler artfully layers complementary china patterns unified with color. Here, she began with the dinner plate (Festivites Céralene dinnerware by Raynaud) and browsed Replacements, Ltd to round out the setting. A salad/dessert plate (Arcades by Philippe Deshoulieres) and bread-and-butter plate (Constance by Bernardaud) echo the spring green hue in her dinner plate pattern, while a silver charger pulls it all together.

Replacements 40th Anniversary dinner party, silver flatware

2 | Essential Silver

A 45-piece starter set has all the basics for a dinner party, including flatware place settings for eight and a variety of servers. Rose Point by Wallace Silver is a classic pattern first produced in 1934.

Replacements 40th Anniversary dinner party, crystal glasses and goblets

3 | Glasses & Goblets

It’s once again about the art of the mix when choosing glasses and goblets for water, tea, and wine. A crystal water goblet (Massena by Baccarat) is elegant in its simplicity, but we also fancy the pop of chartreuse in a Bubbles wine hock by St Louis Crystal and the gold rim of a Lady Hamilton white wine glass by Moser. If you prefer an all-inclusive, matching set, Amanda zeroed in on a sleek, 36-piece silver goblet set crafted in Brescia, Italy. With a gold wash and a trio of sizes, this option covers all the bases while adding an abundance of luster to any setting. 

Replacements 40th Anniversary dinner party, Limoges soup bowl

4 | Soup Bowl & Saucer

Dinner guests will feel like nobility when presented with footed cream soup bowls and saucers bearing Ceralene’s Palais Royal pattern.

Dinner Party-Worthy Soups:

Replacements 40th Anniversary dinner party, Herend tureen

5 | Tureen

If soup is on the menu, a tureen is a must. Otherwise, use the vessel for a grand floral centerpiece. Chinese Bouquet tureen in Raspberry by Herend.

Replacements 40th Anniversary dinner party, silver two-piece serving set

6 | Serving Set

Just right for plating a green or vegetable salad, this serving duo is a conversation starter thanks to the sculptural Blossom pattern by Georg Jensen in Denmark.

Fresh Salads:

Replacements 40th Anniversary dinner party, silver covered vegetable dish

7 | Covered Vegetable Dish

A lid keeps a dish warm and adds a bit of theater to a dinner party when it is lifted to reveal a scrumptious side—Potatoes Patio, perhaps? The floral relief on this antique 8" round covered vegetable dish is the work of silversmith Peter L. Krider (1821–1895) of Philadelphia.

antique silver fish knives from Replacements Ltd

8 | Fish Knives

Essential for a fish course, this utensil is designed to remove skin and small bones and to help dinner guests position large, delicate flakes on a fork. With a variety of etched motifs, this set of 10 by Tiffany & Co. Silver is art for the table.
silver fish platter

9 | Fish Platter

At more than two feet long, a fish platter from Tiffany & Co. Silver is large enough to present a fresh catch whole. For another occasion, it would work equally well as a platter for sliced beef tenderloin, carved roast chicken, or even sandwiches.

silver ice cream server and 12 matching dessert spoons

10 | Ice Cream Set

An ice cream server with matching dessert spoons (Daisy by Tiffany & Co. Silver) is a sweet finale to our dinner party celebrating Replacements, Ltd’s 40th anniversary. 

Decadent Desserts:

Produced by Terri Robertson and Amanda Smith Fowler

Sponsored by Replacements, Ltd.

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