The Magic of Marble

Transform your décor with swirling patterns of bright colors.
Marbleized accessories and objects lay across a marbled table.

Marbleizing has a rich history. Examples of faux-stone finishes can be found in the ruins of Pompeii. Marbled paper was made in Japan as early as the twelfth century. By the time of the Renaissance in Europe, marbling patterns were popular enough to have established names tied to their local sources. Today, we can enjoy marble’s swirls and vein-like ribbons of color on almost any surface. Missie Neville Crawford and Sutton Ward rounded up fifteen accessories that capture the stone’s ripple effect on recent design.

  • Marbled Melamine Trays ($48/piece) from Studio Formata through FOUND in Birmingham;
  • Notecards and deckled-edge envelopes ($5/each) from Emily Romero Marbling;
  • Sylvie Saint-Andre Perrin Dessert Plates ($254/piece) from John Derian Company;
  • Marbled Paper Lacquer Box ($72) from The MET Store;
  • Artist Series: 12-piece assorted chocolates ($40) from Louis Sherry; louis-sherry. com
  • Black Blue and Red Marble Teapot ($976) in “Large” from John Derian Company;
  • Eye Love Pillow ($32) in “Tigerlilly” from Love Mert;
  • Marbled Paper Lacquer Tray ($105) from The MET Store;
  • Stone Plume Leathers (inquire for pricing) in “Winter White” and “Seychelles” from Rule of Three Studio;
  • Vintage Marble set ($70) from Hunt;
  • Taplow Print Wallpaper (inquire for pricing) in “Peacock/Gold” from Lee Jofa;
  • Marbleized Vase #4203 ($695) from Frances Palmer Pottery;
  • 5″ x 7″ Photo Mat ($14) from Emily Romero Marbling;
  • Rockstreams Glass Decanter Vase ($860) from Guido van Besouw through SARZA;
  • Stone Plume Fabric (inquire for pricing) in “Sagebrush” on silk broadcloth from Rule of Three Studio;

If you can’t get enough marble, don’t miss Taschen’s new The Book of Marble ($125), a facsimile edition of Jan Christiaan Sepp’s 1776 work, Marmor Soorten. The beautifully bound and slipcased book includes more than 500 marble types illustrated in 100 hand-colored plates.

Produced and styled by Missie Neville Crawford and Sutton Ward
Photography by Kathryn McCrary

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