The Best Places to See Daffodils this Spring

A favorite harbinger of spring, daffodils become total show-offs when the weather starts to warm. Go beyond your backyard and check out these public gardens for exuberant displays of the beloved blooms

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William Wordsworth’s endearing poem “Daffodils” may have sent narcissus lovers scurrying to the English Lake District, but there are other equally rewarding areas in the UK. In London, they peer out of tiny pocket parks and dance in ancient graveyards as well as blanket grand royal parks and historic gardens such as Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, St. James’s Park (pictured), the Green Park, Osterley Park, and Lesnes Abbey Woods. If you’re left wanting more, less than 30 miles southwest of London is the Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden Wisley, which offers regimented beds where new varieties are vetted for impact, grace, charm, and weather sturdiness before they come on the market. | Photo © picturesbyrob / Alamy

In the Netherlands, Keukenhof, one of the world’s largest garden parks, offers a nonpareil narcissus show that attracts over a million visitors each year, from late March to early May. And don’t forget about the nearby bulb capital, Amsterdam, which rewards visitors with colorful blooms everywhere, including along canals and dikes. | Photo © imageBROKER / Alamy Stock Photo

Across the Channel, daffodils wow visitors in France’s famed parterre gardens at Versailles. The South Parterre, known as the Flower Parterre, features the perky blooms among espaliered hedges and manicured trees. | Photo by Arden Ward Upton

Make no mistake about it—daffodil displays abound on our side of the Pond, too. Gibbs Gardens, less than an hour north of Atlanta, Georgia, stages the country’s largest daffodil extravaganza with 20 million flowers on 220 acres. | Photo by Rick Cannon, Courtesy of Gibbs Gardens

The Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis features the 2,400-acre private Shaw Nature Reserve that showcases millions of blooms in a woodland setting. The garden was also the site for the prestigious 2016 World Daffodil Convention, run by the American Daffodil Society, the go-to organization in the U.S. | Photo by Heather Marie Osborn, Courtesy of the Missouri Botanical Garden

On the New England island of Nantucket, the annual Daffodil Festival in late April celebrates the flower in nearly every way imaginable, including with a flower show, picnic, daffodil-decorated antique-car parade, markets, and contests. A few hours north, Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, Massachusetts, features a spectacular swath of more than 25,000 daffodils. | Photo by Paula Guttilla

By Marion Laffey Fox