Meet Amy Osaba

As part of Flower magazine’s 10th anniversary celebration, we caught up with a favorite designer, Amy Osaba
Photo by Jose Villa
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amy osaba
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Atlanta floral designer Amy Osaba has dabbled in many artistic realms. After starting in dance, she transitioned to event and floral design and now constructs elegant and natural creations for weddings and other occasions, including the vibrant red arrangement featured on our 2014 holiday cover.

Flower: How did you get started in the wedding industry? Amy Osaba: I like to say, “I didn’t go looking for flowers; they sort of found me.” I have always been somewhat of an artist with different working mediums. I was a professional ballet dancer and later went to school for art. Eventually I married and had children. After the financial crash, I needed to work. I thought, I’ve done flowers for friends and family . . . let’s see where I can take this. I showcased my skills at a bridal show, and I got four leads. Ten years later, here I am! I never set out to have an event and floral design company, but it has become my passion and has grown into this wonderful, ever-evolving thing.

How would you describe your style 10 years ago, and how has it changed? I would say that my style has grown and developed, but the core is the same. Ten years ago, my style was a bit more traditional than it is now. However, it was still very different from most styles that existed in the South and Southeast. I think part of why I was recognized was because no other designers were creating the more natural-looking designs at the time. It allowed me to attract my ideal clients: ones that appreciate an artistic, thoughtful approach.

We often learn from our mistakes. Do you have any you want to share? I think the biggest lesson I have learned from being in business is you must price right. So many people start with a great creative idea but do not know how to price the intangible part of it: the design. Through my business mentor, Shanna Skidmore, I realized that I needed to factor in the hours that went into a design, freelancers, a breakdown crew, supplies, etc. Seeing how much I was spending versus what I was charging was a huge eye-opener.

What are your musical tastes? Patty Griffin, Johnny Cash, Sia, James Blunt, with a few rap songs to get the team going. We often have a dance party in the middle of flower production.

amy osaba
Photo by Natalie Watson

By Jena Hippensteel

What is your go-to uniform? On production and event days, it’s jeans or leggings, my vintage green Justin boots or black high-tops, a crisp white shirt, and my bangle bracelet. I’m drawn to anything that is chic, clean, and easy. Oh, and I love turquoise jewelry.

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