The arrival of fall means entertaining at home more often. Welcome guests with a splash of color that greets them at the front steps. This combination of ornamental peppers, coleus, marigolds, cosmos, and calibrachoa, welcomes with vibrant autumn hues. To create a fall container garden, you will need a large pot, potting mix, and a few attractive plants from your local garden store.

I chose colors that range from dark, dramatic purples of ornamental peppers and irisene, to warming oranges and reds. There’s even a bright flash of citron in the coleus. The container’s composition is similar to a one-sided cut arrangement. It uses many of the same principles with a mix of textures and complementary colors.

fall container garden

Tools and materials for the fall color container garden


  • Ornamental pepper ‘black pearl’
  • Coleus ‘Alabama sunset’
  • Cosmos ‘cosmic orange’
  • Marigold ‘hot pak harmony’
  • Calibrachoa ‘orange’
  • Iresine ‘purple lady’
Tools and Supplies 
  • 15-inch Terracotta pot
  • Potting mix

When planting, start with taller plants in the back and transition to shorter lower growing plants in the front—this permits each beautiful bloom to be visible. For a unique look, add a hardy cascading plant to spill over the pot. This arrangement is easy to assemble but makes a big statement. Keep it watered and enjoy until the first frost.

By Jessica Cohen

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