The Best Restaurants in Palm Beach

Hometown interior designer Leta Austin Foster shares her favorite Palm Beach spots to sip and savor
best restaurants in palm beach
Chef Clay Conley at Buccan, one of Leta Austin Foster’s favorite Palm Beach restaurants

All the hotels I mentioned have wonderful restaurants. We also really enjoy the restaurants of the Miami chef Clay Conley: At Buccan, the focus is on American cuisine. All the food is very innovative and the menu changes often. The roasted quail on polenta is delicious.

Imoto, best restaurants in palm beach
Tempura shrimp with spicy aioli at Imoto. Photo by Andy Ryan

Another of Conley’s restaurants, Imoto, serves pan-Asian food—the dumplings, the duck, the pot stickers, and the sushi are all amazing.

Grato, best restaurants in Palm Beach
Grato Restaurant & Bar. Photo by Think.Shop

Grato in West Palm Beach is more casual and serves Italian bistro food in a lively setting (a bit noisy for me, but great for a younger crowd!)

Honor Bar, best restaurants in palm beach
Honor Bar. Photo by Kate Martin

Go to Honor Bar for the emerald kale salad, the Macho Salad with chicken, and the tuna tartare.

Cafe Flora, Best restaurants in Palm Beach
Cafe Flora

Café Flora has the best Burrata salad and veal Bolognese (with real cream) in town. The gazpacho is wonderful as well. We love to sit outside for lunch.

Kitchen, best restaurants in Palm Beach
Chef Matthew Byre’s favorite dish at Kitchen: chicken schnitzel with radish, sweet onions, mushrooms, arugula, and a fried egg.

Two other great restaurants in West Palm are Mazie’s and Kitchen. Mazie’s is updated comfort food. I adore their chicken and the sweet potato biscuit that comes with a pot of whipped butter—fattening but worth it! At Kitchen, everything is the freshest, the simplest, and the best. The chef, Matthew Byre, is an amazing food star, and the grilled fish or grilled chicken is not to be missed!

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Produced and written by Alice Welsh Doyle | Photography by Monica Buck

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