Must-See Gardens of 2023

Our most-viewed gardens of the past year, from Atlanta rooftops to a Washington State canal and across the Atlantic to French villas and English cottages.
Lush green hedges cover the grounds outside a white regency style home.
Photo by Brian Bieder
FLOWER’s Atlanta Showhouse Garden

Anyone familiar with landscape architect John Howard’s award-winning work would expect to find the grounds of the Flower Showhouse as beautifully detailed as the house itself. But what might surprise some is just how far the landscaping extends—up to the rooftops of the home’s one-story wings.

Potted flowers welcome visitors who peer through the gates at Eythrope Gardens
Photo by Tom Hatton
Behind the Gates

Restored to its former glory, England’s once-private Eythrope Garden lifts the curtain on its intensely secret realm. Marion Laffey Fox gives us a view behind the garden gates.

Pink flowers bloom in front of a red brick house.
Photo courtesy of Lee Miller Archives, England 2023.
Lee Miller’s Long Way Home

As someone who faced adversities with fearlessness, Lee Miller viewed gardening, which she discovered later in life, as a welcome distraction that gave her great pleasure.

Mixes of green and red flora are in front of a contemporary style house.
Photo by Miranda Estes
Collaborative Nature

For this Washington State garden, a homeowner passionate about plants partners with a horticultural professional to exciting and exuberant effect.

Landscaper: Land Morphology

Yellow Kniphofia ‘Sunningdale Yellow’ flowering in a green meadow.
From June - October, stands of perennial Kniphofia ‘Sunningdale Yellow’ and Achillea ‘Coronation Gold’ a long-flowering yarrow, color this field with gold.
Delaware Botanical Gardens: A Dream Realized

At the Delaware Botanic Gardens, a bouquet of committed volunteers teamed up with superstar designer Piet Oudolf and his vision to transform a creekside former farmland.

Conical-shaped yews punctuate the beds of roses on the approach to a chateau.
Photo by Charlotte Moss
Empress Joséphine’s Gardens at Château de Malmaison

Best known for serving as empress of France while married to Napoleon Bonaparte, Joséphine also created her own legacy in the gardens of Malmaison.

round pool in front of pavilion surrounded by greenery
Photo by Michael Mundy
Grey Gardens’ Colorful Makeover

Rich with provenance and personality, this East Hampton property lands in the capable hands of style maven Liz Lange for a thoughtful, sophisticated makeover.

Landscaper: Deborah Nevins

arches of pink florals over a grassy walkway
Photo by Caryn B. Davis
Enchanting Connecticut Gardens

In excerpts from their book Connecticut Gardens, photographer Caryn B. Davis and writer Chris Lawrie celebrate the history and beauty of some of the state’s most memorable gardens.

tall purple and white flora in front of a wood gazebo on a hill
Photo by Tovah Martin
A Restored Garden at Swift River Farm

Once a broken, stripped, and forgotten landscape, Swift River Farm now proudly lives its best life- with a little help from its friends.

Landscaper: Bruce Lockhart

intricate hilltop garden
Photo by Clive Nichols
Nicole de Vésian in the Garden

Having discovered her passion for gardening later in life, former Hermès designer Nicole de Vésian flourished in the world of horticulture with her straightforward yet elegant designs.

a garden of colorful flora in front of a hedge labyrinth
Photo by Charlotte Moss
Chatsworth House and Garden and the Duchess of Devonshire

Thanks to the stewardship of the Duchess of Devonshire, visitors continue to appreciate her vision of Chatsworth that has stood the test of time.

colorful grassy garden set in front of home on a hilltop
Photo by Rob Cardillo
Donald Pell Makes a Powerful Statement

For Susan and Rob Power, a request for a Donald Pell-designed landscape results in a garden that overcomes a mountain of obstacles on its way to awe-inspiring beauty.

aqua pergola surrounded by lush greenery in garden
Photo by David LePage
Anne Spencer: Garden as Muse

For the Harlem Renaissance poet, her outdoor designs and her inspirational writing evolved hand in hand.

hawk sculpture in garden of tall wild grass and boxwoods
Photo by Mary Craven Dawkins
A Holiday Homecoming

Nashville event planner and gourmet southern cook Libby Page and her husband, landscape architect Ben Page, return to family roots at Brookside, their retreat in the middle-Tennessee countryside.

Green trees hover over a pink table cloth and chairs.
Photo by Tria Giovan
Summer in Style

Tastemaker and shopkeeper Kate Rheinstein Brodsky blends East Coast chic and West Coast nonchalance when entertaining outdoors at her family’s East Hampton home.

A stone fireplace sits behind dried brown hydrangeas.
Photo by Erik Kvalsvik
A Countryside Charmer

From the ground up, like-minded professionals come together to realize a meticulously designed home nestled into its stellar setting outside of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Stone stairs with blue centers climb up a tree lined hill.
Photo by Gross & Daley Photography
Naumkeag’s Iconic Landscape

This historic 1880s estate in the Berkshires reflects landscape architect Fletcher Steele’s 30-year collaboration with Mabel Choate.