Meet Tom Beckbe’s Radcliff Menge

Radcliff Menge of Tom Beckbe creates sporting apparel that the wives and girlfriends of sportsmen won’t mind seeing on the street
Radcliff Menge of Tom Beckbe
Radcliff Menge of Tom Beckbe

Radcliff Menge may have started his collection of sporting apparel, Tom Beckbe (a play on the colonial name for Alabama’s Tombigbee River), because he wanted a particular jacket for himself, but he solved another problem: He created pieces that the wives and girlfriends of sportsmen won’t mind seeing on the street. No camo in sight and beautifully tailored, the pieces are downright stylish.

Menge grew up hunting and fishing, learning from his grandfather in the Tensaw Delta of the Tombigbee. But Menge was also an attorney in New York, so he appreciates the cut of a good suit. Lightweight, detailed, and made to last, the original Tensaw wax jacket is a merger of the sporting and working lifestyles. The cotton lining, dyed in Alabama red clay, sets the collection apart, as does Menge’s dedication to quality materials and craftsmanship—everything is made in the USA.

The Tensaw is just the beginning; you’ll want to give the shooting gloves, vest, field hat, and weekender and tote bags, too, so there will be no excuse for looking anything other than sharp.

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