Doug Collum’s Stick Candles

Doug Collum’s stick candles epitomize luxury captured from nature, and come in a dazzling choice of colors
Doug Collum's mother, Barbara Collum
Doug Collum’s mother, Barbara Collum, the inspiration for stick candles

A promise is a promise.
Doug Collum’s mother, Barbara, had some candles that she loved so much she was loath to burn them, but she finally did. Collum promised her that he would find them again. “It turned out to be impossible to find beeswax candles cast from a real tree branch,” says Collum. “I never saw the original candles, but nothing matched what I imagined my mother’s expectation would be.” So what’s a son to do? Make them himself, of course!

The stick candles epitomize luxury captured from nature, and the dazzling choice of colors makes matching your décor a breeze. Collum now casts candles from five types of trees, and he is always experimenting with new castings. “My candles are meant to be burned and enjoyed,” he says. Fortunately for us, they’re also easily replaced.

Doug’s Holiday playlist: David Bowie and Bing Crosby’s version of “Little Drummer Boy” and The Three Tenors’ Christmas album.

Doug Collum, Stick CandlesDoug Collum’s stick candles are 100% beeswax and cast from a section of maple, cedar, hickory, hemlock, or birch. From $32 for a pair of tapers to $110 for a 150-hour birch pillar candle,

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