We asked some of our favorite designers and tastemakers from coast to coast to share how they celebrate the holidays.

What are your holiday entertaining essentials?

"An exquisitely set dining table. I always use my Ralph Lauren Empress dinnerware, Ricci Bamboo silver, and cobalt glassware. Fresh paperwhites, pepper berries, and greenery complement the look without overpowering the table. Simple white unscented taper candles add ambience without interfering with the aromas of good food and wine."—Barclay Butera
"Rigaud’s Cypres Bougie D’ambiance candle is my must- have, but I’m fond of their cinnamon- scented candle too."—Leta Austin Foster
"A well-stocked bar and a good Southern cheese straw!"—Beth Webb
"A good, original cocktail makes the perfect icebreaker. I love serving them in vintage etched-crystal coupes. I’m partial to a French 75 for the holidays, but they pack quite a wallop!"—Danielle Rollins
"Friends, family, and my lamb-and-mint meatball recipe. And I can’t do without fresh flowers."–Michelle Nussbaumer
"Scented candles, Motown Christmas music, and evergreens everywhere—from the front gate to the mantels to the tops of bookcases."—Charlotte Moss

Written and Produced by Margaret Zainey Roux

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