Bedroom Blahs Banished!

When fashion brand Frances Valentine joins forces with home décor powerhouse Annie Selke, the result is a colorful and pattern-filled bedding collection that is sure to make facing the day a bit more cheerful.
Annie Selke and Elyce Arons pose in colorful navy and pink caftans.
Elyce Arons of Frances Valentine (left) and Annie Selke of The Annie Selke Companies

Calling all fashionistas and design lovers who long for vivid colors and lively prints. A new collaboration, the Frances Valentine Collection for Annie Selke, fulfills your wishes with great panache for all things bedroom-related—comforters, sheets, and pillows with flora and fauna motifs, watery stripes, and lively geometrics in a rainbow of hues.

Just now introduced, the collection is unabashedly rife with a happy, fun-filled flair that evokes warm breezes and sunny days year-round. Frances Valentine’s co-founder and CEO Elyce Arons says, “We’re celebrating summer, the buzzy energy it brings, and the opportunity to freshen things up. We made sure to include all of the Frances Valentine essential details, novelty prints, signature embroidery designs, and of course bold, saturated colors.” Adds Annie Selke, founder and chief vision officer of The Annie Selke Companies, “Frances Valentine’s aesthetic absolutely resonates with me. I’ve always been drawn to their sense of fun, brilliant use of color, and exceptional handcrafted elements.”

Like the princess and a pea, a girl lays on top of a mountain of bright floral pillows and blankets while reading.
A yellow and pink striped blanket has green poms on it.
A green and blue striped blanket has pink pom poms on it.

With the pairing of these two sought-after, female-founded brands, the bedroom blahs will be banished forever—replaced with cheerful vibes that will make bedtime all the more joyful.

White chairs lined in a row carry bright pillows of every color.

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By Alice Welsh Doyle

Photography provided by Frances Valentine and Annie Selke

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