3 Grilled Dishes for Alfresco Dining

Frances Schultz shares a trio of easy, high-flavor dishes from her book

Frances Schultz collaborated with the talented chef Stephanie Valentine to develop the recipes for California Cooking and Southern Style (Skyhorse, 2019). That doesn’t mean it takes a chef to prepare them. Frances told us her criteria for the book was that every recipe had to be accessible, super reliable, and “99 percent of the ingredients you can get at the Piggly Wiggly in Tarboro” (the North Carolina town where she grew up).


“Bagna Cauda means ‘hot bath’ in Italian, though I first encountered this warm, luscious anchovy-butter-garlic-infused dip in the south of France. It is traditionally served as an hors d’oeuvre or first course, with cooked or raw vegetables and a good, crusty bread,” writes Frances.

The pretty Lemon Yogurt Vinaigrette that pairs with these savory skewers also makes a delightful topping for salads, grains, and vegetables, as well as other chicken and fish dishes.

A New Orleans-style BBQ sauce with a California-Southern spin tops this juicy ribeye.