Liz Lindstrom

Artist Liz Lindstrom in her Chattanooga studio

Some may wonder, in a time when our cell phones bloat with the digital weight of hundreds of pictures of our loved ones, why a painted portrait still has value. Let us direct you to artist Liz Lindstrom, a Chattanooga native and daughter of renowned portrait artist Bart Lindstrom. Her works—in oil, charcoal, or pastel—capture not just the likeness of her subjects, but also their essence. A young boy on the cusp of adolescence, wide-eyed in a brown buttoned blazer, hair slightly askew. A little girl in a tutu, her face with an easy calm, foot pointed in tendu. A dancer herself, Lindstrom has written that her approach is inspired by ballet (Degas is an obvious influence) and by what she calls “an appreciation for the human spirit.” We love her pieces for their tenderness and vibrancy as well as a modern sensibility that isn’t beholden to the traditional parameters of portraiture. A Liz Lindstrom portrait is more than a picture. It’s a treasure.

Fondest Christmas memory: “From the time I was small, Christmas Eve was the night we turned out all the lights and lit the fire and candles for dinner and opened a few gifts. I have continued that tradition with my family. It is the quietest part of the holidays, and I love how beautifully my family and home look in the soft candlelight.”

Liz Lindstrom painting
Liz Lindstrom painting
To see more of Liz Lindstrom’s artwork, visit For commission inquiries, please contact Portraits, Inc., or 800.476.1223.

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