alexa pulitzer

Custom stationery designer, Alexa Pulitzer


It could have been neckties. That’s what Alexa Pulitzer thought she was destined to design, having been born to the New Orleans family who owned Wembley, then the largest tie company in the world.

As a teen, Pulitzer spent summers in Italy, learning the business and studying textile design. But in America, her sophisticated concepts were being thrown in the trash can, so she began printing the discarded drawings on notepads and giving them as gifts. What began as castoffs has turned into a creative juggernaut. She now offers a wide array of papers graced by enchanting royal animals, bayou flora, and New Orleans street scenes. While anything from this artist will delight, we especially love her custom designs. Pulitzer  approaches them like a true collaboration, evoking the tenor and taste of her subject. A suite of custom stationery? Believe me, Dad will like it much better than a tie.

Fondest Christmas memory: “When I was a child, my mother owned a needlepoint store in the French Quarter on Jackson Square called Quarter Stitch. I fondly remember the first time she hung my Christmas stocking that she had lovingly needlepointed for me on our mantel, and it was THE best gift ever.”

Alexa Pulitzer, custom stationeryStationery by Alexa Pulitzer. For questions or inquiries regarding development and collaboration, visit

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