“I grow Oriental poppies because it is very hard to find them on the market in the magnificent size and with the colors that I love—like peaches, oranges, whites with the black center, and the Spanish ruffles.”


“The foliage from geraniums and Solomon’s seal is beautiful, but you cannot find it in the market. In the past, foliage of these plants was used, but nobody else is doing it anymore.”

“Sometimes it is difficult to find the herbaceous peonies, bearded irises, delphiniums, bleeding hearts, and hollyhocks with the freshness and perfection of the flowers I grow myself.”


“I use herbs such as basil, parsley, rosemary, and mint for their summery fragrance in an arrangement. They are so fresh and smell so good.”

“I love anything that grows in the meadow, and the field grasses are beautiful for their texture. We have to show the softness of the field.”


“It is rare to have fragrant roses on the market. I grow the rambling roses for their scent and the rugosa roses for their single-petaled flowers and their hips in the fall.”

“I use any kind of vine—I especially like clematis, porcelain berry, and jasmine from the greenhouse in winter. The leaves are stunning, and I love the trailing accent in a bouquet.”


By Tovah Martin | Photos by Rob Cardillo