Bouquet School

Hand-tied arrangements are easier than they look. Seven designers show their take on the process in this roundup of bouquet how-tos

One of the best ways to learn floral craft is to study under a master. We’ve gathered arrangements from seven masterful designers along with their guides showing how to make bouquets using the hand-tied method. Along with step-by-step instructions, you’ll find handy tips for your arrangements.

How to Make Bouquets

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how to make a bouquet

Robert Long's Romantic Bouquet

"My inspiration for this wintry bouquet was the 19th-century poem “The Eve of St. Agnes” by John Keats. Set in a medieval Scottish castle, the poem takes place on one of the coldest nights of the year, when legend has it that unmarried girls dream of their future husbands."—Robert Long

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Mimi Brown's French Twist

"One of my favorite pastimes is to stand (mill about, rather) in a European flower shop and watch as the staff cranks out these bouquets, quickly and effortlessly. I’ve learned many ways to teach this technique and have found this method to be the easiest."—Mimi Brown
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dejuan stroud bouquet arrangement

DeJuan Stroud's Arrangement of Bouquets

"My memories of going to relatives’ homes are always of leaving with food or vegetables from the garden or flowers from their yards, so the tradition of giving something to guests as they leave was instilled in me from an early age. It’s in that spirit that I designed this centerpiece of bouquets."—DeJuan Stroud
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garden rose bouquet

Jessica Cohen's Garden Rose Bouquet

Flower magazine's Jessica Cohen recreates her own wedding bouquet of peach colored Juliet and Campanella roses with succulents and berries. "For my bouquet, I wanted something more traditional—a tight round bouquet of garden roses accented with succulents and hypericum berries. For a special touch, my bouquet was wrapped in ribbon and lace from my wedding dress."—Jessica Cohen
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bridal bouquets bridesmaid bouquets

Matthew Robbins' Bridal Party Bouquets

"My inspiration for these wedding bouquets was the soft, romantic sensibility conjured up by spring flowers. I love walking through New York parks in late spring to see the flouncy blossoms on the cherry trees and the robust, spirited tulips providing a much-needed dose of color."—Matthew Robbins
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How to make bouquets

Keith Robinson's Summer Hues

"My inspiration for this design was my collection of turquoise art glass, the color of which just says summertime! Vibrant color is such a strong summer statement, and orange is probably my favorite expression of the season."—Keith Robinson
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Geri Laufer's Tussie Mussie

"[Tussie mussies] are great little travelers, arriving across the country the next morning in perfect condition, ready to proclaim best wishes. I take them to weddings hundreds of miles away in picnic coolers in the car trunk. I send them across town by courier service. And I send them to school in plastic zippered bags stuffed into backpacks."—Geri Laufer
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