Baby, It’s Cold Outside

A new book on hot drinks offers warm, winning recipes to ward off winter’s chill
hot drinks cookbook

After thumbing through the slim, pocket-sized volume Hot Drinks (Ryland Peters & Small, 2017), I half-expected to look in the mirror and find a frothy milk mustache, so bewitched was I by the images of steaming, whipped concoctions on every page.

I could go on waxing poetic about the allure of these drinks—a mix of kid-friendly and adults-only beverages good for serving a Christmas party crowd or a fireside party of two. But the best way to convey the promise and pleasures of this little gem of a book (which slides easily into the back of a bar) is to let the drinks speak for themselves. Here is a sampling: Gingerbread Hot Chocolate, Turkish Delight Frothy, Hot Toddy Studded with Cloves, Saffron Milk, Peanut Butter Crunch, Hot Rum and Cider Punch, and my favorite, the exotic and evocatively named Honey Baba. It’s a holiday arsenal sure to make a splash. All you need to add is mugs (and napkins for the occasional milk mustache).


Recipes to Try

Enjoy two soul-warming sippers from Hot Drinks.

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By Kirk Reed Forrester | Photography and recipes excerpted from Hot Drinks (Ryland Peters & Small, 2017)