A Harvest Celebration

As yellow leaves form heaps in the garden and gentle fall winds blow, Finnish stylist Sanna Länsivierto arranges a gathering where beauty and ambience go hand in hand with delicious food
harvest celebration outdoor table setting
Länsivierto’s friend Sanni Tunturipuro helps set up in the garden and arrange the harvest celebration décor with a palette inspired by nature. A few blankets and candles that glow in the dusk add the finishing touches.

Finnish stylist Sanna Länsivierto has a soft spot for creating seasonal festivities, and for this one, a fall garden is the backdrop. “In Finland, we are fortunate to have four distinct seasons. When the frost bites in wintertime, I’ll arrange a traditional Finnish skating event; in springtime, gatherings follow the gentle course of new growth; in summer, I make the most of all the dazzling greenery; and when fall arrives, I want to reflect on the incredible colors around me,” she says.

“The idea for a harvest celebration was sparked by the spectacle of yellow leaves in the garden. I also marveled at the dazzling color of beets freshly pulled from the ground and decided it was time for a party,” she says. “As a mother of two small children, I want to keep parties as a regular part of life without having to put too much effort into arrangements. Often the simpler, the more beautiful.”

alfresco fall table setting
A simple white table serves as the foundation for the fall festival, allowing colorful leaves to bask in the limelight.
harvest celebration party favor, basket of apples
Rosy apples suit the mood perfectly; each guest is treated to a basketful to take home.

With a backdrop of colorful leaves, Länsivierto sets a festive forest-themed table in the garden with a white table to create a serene canvas for fall colors. The serving trays, wooden discs sawed from tree trunks, hold the beet hummus with homemade crispbread and the beet, quinoa, and goat cheese salad.

“The color of beets injects vibrancy during the chilly time of year, not to mention all the health benefits they offer,” says Länsivierto. When evening comes, guests wrap up in warm blankets, lap up the dim night illuminated by candlelight, and revel in the natural glories of the harvest season.

Scenes from the Party

harvest celebration recipe, Beet, Quinoa and Goat Cheese Salad
The beet, quinoa, and goat cheese salad is nestled on a wooden disc, fitting in with the theme. These recipes are healthy and handy to take along for a picnic in the countryside.
bunch of fresh beets with greens still attached
“At harvest time, take a moment to admire the wonderful colors in nature, like the vibrant purple tones of beets,” says Länsivierto.
Gluten-Free Multiseed Crispbread topped with ruby red beet hummus
The gluten-free crispbread with seeds is the perfect match for the beet hummus.
lanterns embellished with maple leaf rosettes
Länsivierto is drawn to the myriad shades of maple leaves, which inspired the idea for maple rosettes.

By Jonna Kivilahti | Photography by Krista Keltanen | Styling and Recipes by Sanna Länsivierto

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alfresco fall table setting