maple leaf rosettes

Finnish stylist Sanna Länsivierto shares step-by-step instructions for making maple leaf rosettes

As yellow leaves form heaps in the garden and gentle fall winds blow, Finnish stylist Sanna Länsivierto arranges a gathering where beauty and ambience go hand in hand with delicious food. Länsivierto is drawn to the myriad shades of maple leaves, which inspired the idea for these simple, maple leaf rosettes for a harvest celebration.


  • 5–10 leaves for each rosette
  • Thin wire


  1. To create the center, fold one leaf in half horizontally, undersides facing; starting at left side, roll up.
  2. Fold a second leaf in half; place rolled leaf at left side of folded leaf, and roll the two together.
  3. Repeat until center reaches desired size.
  4. Wrap unfolded leaves around center, undersides facing out.
  5. Secure rosette tightly with wire.

Styling by Sanna Länsivierto | Photography by Krista Keltanen

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