Floral Workshop with Canaan Marshall

More is more in the world of Canaan Marshall, the floral designer who brings big style to major events from Macon to Atlanta. Get his tips in this creative workshop for Atlanta Market at AmericasMart

Floral designer Canaan Marshall shares his secrets in this creative workshop, presented by Flower magazine and Atlanta Market at AmericasMart in January 2020.


  • More is more!
  • To encourage roses to open fully in a hurry, blow on the blooms.
  • When designing with lilies, remove the pollen-covered stamens and use a chenille pipe cleaner to gently clean fallen pollen from petals. (Take care not to get pollen on your clothes; it will stain.)
  • For straighter tulip stems, add a capful of vodka to the water.
  • If using a clear vase, a capful of bleach will keep the water clear.
  • To help floral arrangements last: Remove any leaves below the water line. Keep your home at a cooler temperature. Use Clear Crowning Glory hydration and protection spray.

Floral workshop by Canaan Marshall, canaanmarshall.com | Location: AmericasMart, americasmart.com | Vases: Accent Decor, accentdecor.com

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