“Paradise Cay” Blackberry-Ginger Cocktail

blackberry ginger cocktail, frank stitt
Pardis Stitt greets each guest to Paradise Farm with an aptly named “Paradise Cay,” blackberry-ginger cocktail (a concoction of blackberries, rum, and ginger beer).

Blackberry-Ginger Cocktail Recipe (Serves 1)


¾ ounce Paradise honey syrup (see step 1)

2 lemon wedges

8 fresh mint leaves

4 large blackberries

1½ ounces Neisson L’Esprit Rhum Agricole

Fentimans ginger beer


1. For the honey syrup, mix 1 cup honey and 1 cup boiling water. Add ¾ ounce orange zest, and stir to incorporate.

2. Into a tall cocktail glass, squeeze lemon wedges; discard peels. Muddle mint, honey syrup, and blackberries in bottom of glass. Add ice, rum, and ginger beer. Roll into a mixing glass and back to cocktail glass a few times.

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