Watchlist: 3 Free Floral Design Videos

Floral designers have taken to Instagram to brighten followers’ days with new video tutorials as we all adjust to social distancing in the time of coronavirus. We share a few of our favorites.

March 26, 2020

1 | A Lewis Miller Design Class in 9 Minutes

When Lewis Miller, owner of Lewis Miller Design and inventor of the Flower Flash in New York, attended a virtual dinner party on Zoom, he created a 9-minute centerpiece using grocery store flowers. Fortunately for us, he recorded his process and shared it on Instagram.

2 | Blue Jasmine’s Statement Piece

Paulina Nieliwocki of Blue Jasmine in New Jersey is one of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow. With the studio sanitized and gloves on—and assisted from a safe distance by her studio’s lead designer, TJ—she gives us a behind-the-scenes look at her process as she designs a statement piece for a corporate client.

3 | Holly Carlisle’s Seasonal Sketches

While sheltering in place at home in Birmingham, Alabama, floral artist Holly Carlisle has been busy creating seasonal sketches from flowers foraged from her garden.

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Holly Carlisle: Seasonal Sketch: Spring Flowers
Holly Carlisle's seasonal sketch featuring spring flowers foraged from the garden. See the Instagram video series in three parts below.
Holly Carlisle: Seasonal Sketch: Wisteria
Holly Carlisle's seasonal sketch featuring wisteria
Holly Carlisle: Seasonal Sketch:Dogwood
Holly Carlisle's seasonal sketch featuring dogwood

In the video series accompanying each post, she gives us an in-depth view of her process as she designs on her porch with the birds chirping in the background. We benefit from seeing her edit as she works so that we know what do to if we encounter a similar obstacle—for instance, she begins with dogwood and then switches to hellebore when she realizes she needs more structure to support the dogwood branches. If you are inspired to make your own seasonal sketch, share it on social with the hashtag #ourseasonalsketches.

Part 1

Holly Carlisle’s Seasonal Sketch with Spring Flowers

Part 2

Part 3

By Terri Robertson

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