Laurie set the luncheon table in the rose garden and chose mismatched chairs to balance the more formal elements like the silver flatware. The child-friendly lunch menu included herb buttermilk biscuits with ham and apricot marmalade, honey fruit salad, and cheese straws.

Laurie Miller, owner of The Velvet Boxwood, has her hand in many creative fields—interiors, entertaining, and florals—and her talents shine in a whimsical spring party for her children and their friends.

“The concept of the party was duck, duck, goose, a game I played as a child and play today with my boys,” Laurie says. “I knew the gardens at Moss Mountain were the most breathtaking, and I felt it was the perfect place to throw a feathered and webbed social, especially since there are a lot of geese and ducks on the farm.”

Petite guests were greeted at the front gate with a hand-painted sign by Seanna Nickels, a member of The Velvet Boxwood team.

Hand-painted invitations with charming motifs announced the day and theme. And, when the petite guests arrived, they were greeted with fresh mint sweet tea to begin their garden adventure, which included a sit-down lunch in the rose garden. Hand-painted duckling cookies, adorned with each child’s name, served as edible place cards. Drawing on the farm setting, Laurie set a table overflowing with blooms and a bounty of fresh veggies.

Lunch was followed by a vigorous round of duck, duck, goose, and then it was time for a treat—lemon cake with blueberry filling and ice cream sandwiches made using tiny blueberry pies.

The first stop on the garden adventure was a table offering sweet tea with mint, highlighted by a bountiful arrangement in a terra cotta pot.

After the yummy repast, guests were ushered off to a potting table where each child planted their own rosemary, mint, or thyme and decorated it with a toy duckling. “That was our way of thanking our guests and sending them home with something to remember the day by,” says Laurie. “It truly was a scrumptious, waddling good time for all!”

Scenes from the Party

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Custom invitations hint at the day’s fun. Laurie used fresh produce as a part of the décor in keeping with the farm setting.

Yummy handmade sugar cookies did double duty as place cards with each child’s name in icing.
Entertaining pro Laurie Miller of The Velvet Boxwood with her son Saddler
The bounteous dessert table shows off a custom table skirt with hand-painted motifs.
Cakes, fashioned like baskets, covered in blueberries and with a duckling popping out, were a hit with the young guests.
The children were surprised to find out the “baskets” were actually lemon cake, which was served on Juliska dessert plates.
Ice cream sandwiches made to look like miniature pies were part of the dessert offerings.
A potting table was set up with pots of herbs for guests to take home along with their own homemade duckling as the party favor and thank you.
A thyme plant appears like a toy duckling's tail when the two are nestled close.

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Photography by Erin Wilson

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