Not So Prim Rose: A Preview

A peek at the misadventures of Rose Bush, Flower magazine's irreverent editor

Meet Rose Bush, Flower magazine’s intrepid, irreverent editor. Follow her travels as she encounters misadventure at every turn. In each issue of Flower and the Not So Prim Rose book,  Rose delights with her humorous take on the vicissitudes of life. Julia Reed says, “To read Rose Bush is to learn the key to a happy life: Always be brave enough to laugh—first and hardest—at yourself.”

Here’s a slideshow peek into eight of Rose’s light-hearted challenges. Click the arrows (or swipe if on a mobile device) to see more.

"My first indication that I had perhaps misjudged the accuracy of the forecast came when the Mason jars full of flowers and water kept tumping over..." 
Read more in "Bad Friday."
"The next thing I knew, fruit fights to rival 'Animal House' and much juggling ensued. (Someone later asked the mother of the bride if she paid extra for the jugglers.) I even heard that a neighborhood pooch found great relief on one of the outside topiaries..."
Read more in "French Fried."
"Without extra buckets, I had to soak the Oasis in my [hotel room] bathtub. I was just putting the last globe in the tub and squinching fountain grass, okra, and other 'green greenery' onto the counter when a convention representative called..." 
Read more in "Midnight at the Oasis."
"Not in possession of the requisite orange aircraft marshalling batons, I resorted to wild gesticulating in an effort to direct Derrick backwards to the main road and to freedom..."
Read more in "Isn't that Special, Delivery."
"I leaned back leisurely in my new lumbar-supported office chair and began to converse with said bigwig when, all of a sudden, I saw a geyser-like movement out of the corner of my eye..." 
Read more in "Pet Peeve."
"However, I soldiered on and eventually fell asleep counting my blessings, only to wake up after a few minute with the distinct feeling of being watched..."
Read more in "Wild Board."
"The last successful hat-wearing experience I recall was a navy Madeline affair with a grosgrain trailing ribbon in third grade..."
Read more in "Hard Hats."
"Many of you at this point might have turned back, thinking the trip ill-fated. Not us. We turned our faces like flint to the north, listened to some mood-elevating Motown, and pressed on..."
Read more in "Ire and Rain."

Excerpted from Not So Prim Rose by Margot Shaw | Foreword by Julia Reed | Illustrations by Claire Cormany

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