Nashville Restaurants to Savor

In Part Four of “My Hometown: Nashville,” local designer Jonathan Savage shares his favorite local restaurants, cafes and other spots to grab a bite
nashville restaurants
City House, Nashville, TN. Photo by Andrea Behrends

Where to start? Well, City House is my favorite. When I’m in town, you’re likely to find me there twice a week. I love the pizza and the pasta, and I’ve never had a disappointing dish there.

nashville restaurants
Jonathan Savage (center) with friends at Marsh House. Photo by Amber Ulmer

Marsh House springs from the brilliance of chef John Besh. It leans toward more Cajun flavors, and the presentation is beautiful.

TKO in East Nashville is Southern Chinese, which makes for interesting fare. They have fried chicken that is indescribably delicious, and you must have an egg roll if you go there or get takeout.

Little Octopus, Nashville, TN. Photo by Lisa Diederich

The hippest interiors and the freshest ingredients are at Little Octopus, which serves a mix of global flavors in small-plate style. And here I go again, but the pan-roasted chicken is the best chicken in Nashville.

nashville restaurants
Salt & Vine, Nashville, TN. Photo by Amber Ulmer

At Salt & Vine, co-owner Hannah Schneider, co-owner and sommelier Mattie Jackson, and chef Molly Martin create some of the most inventive, one-of-a-kind food and drinks in town. And, while I’ve had many great dishes there, I do love the snacks, such as street corn and radish toasts.

Henrietta Red, Nashville, TN. Photo by Andrew Thomas Lee

When I am craving oysters and seafood, I head to the raw bar at Henrietta Red in Germantown, where they always have a great selection, including Kumamotos from Washington State—one of my favorite oysters.

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