martha's flowers

Lupine’s pea-shaped florets are mirrored in the hobnail glass pitcher, along with hellebores and variegated hosta leaves. Photo by Gleb Derujinsky

As you might imagine, the staff at Flower is presented with every manner of book about flowers in one form or another each month, without fail. We are naturally a bit picky, but when presented with Martha Stewart’s new flower book, we sat up straight in our chairs because Stewart never does anything halfheartedly, and this project is no exception. In the book, which is organized by season, she describes what is happening in her own gardens while giving advice gathered over the years. She then devotes chapters to particular flowers in that season. Personal tales woven in make for great reading and great instruction, including hands-on growing and arranging information that covers all the bases.

Throughout, arrangements created by Kevin Sharkey, who has been working with Stewart for a couple of decades, pepper the pages. She dubs herself the gardener and Sharkey the cutter and arranger. Beautiful, practical, and entertaining, this book will appeal to flower lovers of both types.

By Alice Welsh Doyle

Martha's flowersMartha’s Flowers (Clarkson Potter 2018), by Martha Stewart and Kevin Sharkey

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