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Inspired by 25 years of traveling far and wide to procure antique treasures and unique finds for her clients’ homes, interior designer Bethany Berk brings her shopping savvy to us with her online venture
portrait of Bethany Berk, founder of Marchioness Home & Garden, and one of her mood boards featuring photos and assorted vintage jewelry and trinkets

From left: A mood board for Marchioness Home & Garden • Designer Bethany Berk

If you are like several of us on the Flower staff, every weekend jaunt or big getaway includes searching for treasures at antiques shops, flea markets, art galleries, and the like. If you’ve been feeling stranded, Marchioness Home & Garden can help.
vintage handbag

A vintage handbag from the Olde World Weddings collection

The online shop is the creative effort of interior designer Bethany Berk, now based outside Boston in a country landscape setting where she recently finished renovating a historic property on the Charles River. Inspired by her 25 years of far-flung travel, searching for antique treasures and unique finds to make her clients’ homes special, Bethany now takes her expertise to the Web, curating collections for marchioness.com with a theme in mind, such as Botanical, Aubusson, and Olde World Weddings.

“For the Botanical collection, I was inspired by the greenhouse cultivars on my property and my personal collection of antique botanical prints,” says Bethany. Aubusson came about after a trip to an antiques fair where she found a collection of paintings of the patterns used for the famous Aubusson tapestries of France—she built the collection around those.

Olde World Weddings, her most recent, draws from a time “when weddings were colorful affairs with the bride and groom dressed in layers of embroidered fabrics and silk mixed with floral patterns and fine lace, topped off with jewel-encrusted tiaras and rings,” she says.
antique tray from Marchioness Home & Garden

A beaded tray from the Aubusson collection

In all three collections, there are heirlooms, gifts, and special pieces for the table and the garden. Time to bring some of these treasures to your home. Explore Marchioness Home & Garden at marchioness.com.
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By Alice Welsh Doyle | Photography by Molly Lo Photography