Bring Springtime Indoors

Nine of our favorite designers show how to create arrangements that deliver a bit of springtime regardless of the forecast

Some days it doesn’t feel like spring will ever get here! And in many places, even though the calendar says it is spring, the weather denies it. Nine of our favorite designers show how to create arrangements that deliver a bit of springtime regardless of the forecast. When the season truly arrives, you’ll be ready to flower.

How to Arrange Spring Flowers

flower garden arrangement
"This 'planted flower garden' arrangement is perfect for the season—it’s fresh, bright, and easily adapts to your space."–Mimi Brown
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"Spring is the inspiration for this arrangement, which features flowers that are true to the season and not necessarily available year-round. The star, and one of my favorites, is a giant ranunculus called a ‘Cloni’. It’s dramatic—and rare. It’s only around for a few, too-short weeks every year."—Jackie Reisenauer
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spring woodland arrangement
“The season brings such delicate and fragile materials, so seductive in their vulnerability and tiny scale. This kind of arrangement is a lovely way to greet the unpredictability of the spring weather. I love the slight danger that one of April’s gusts could carry the entire piece away.” –Emily Thompson
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oscar mora arrangement
"Growing up in Venezuela, where everything is all about vibrant and bold color, I loved to draw and paint. Now, as a professional floral designer in New York, I believe that spaces and vases have become my new canvas."—Oscar Mora
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susan mcleary, cascading arrangment
"I think this cascading bridge piece can be used in many settings: for an entryway, a sideboard, an escort card table, or, as pictured here, resting on a pair of side tables. I chose all my early spring favorites in a rich palette. Color is something I’m especially hungry for this time of year."—Susan McLeary
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how to make a hand-tied bouquet
“Travel anywhere in Europe, especially France, and you will notice the abundance of flower shops and find it hard not to take something with you.  The European hand-tied bouquet is the quintessential gift to give abroad.”—Mimi Brown
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"My inspiration for this arrangement is the color pink. I thought it would be fun to make an all-pink arrangement in a pink vase because I’ve noticed the color is very popular on Instagram."—Ingrid Carozzi
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bridal bouquets bridesmaid bouquets
"My inspiration for these wedding bouquets was the soft, romantic sensibility conjured up by spring flowers. I love walking through New York parks in late spring to see the flouncy blossoms on the cherry trees and the robust, spirited tulips providing a much-needed dose of color."—Matthew Robbins
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"Be inspired by what you see here, but adjust the flowers to whatever you have in your garden. Substitutions are easy once you understand the qualities and purpose of each flower—just look for things of similar shape and size."—Kelly Perry
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how to make a flower crown, floral crown
"Since it’s for a young girl, I wanted this flower crown's design to be frilly and fun and with a happy color palette. Big peonies provided a punchy focal point, and smaller blooms, such as the waxflowers and whimsical jasmine vine, added another layer of texture."—Janie Medley
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