Fran Keenan

FLOWER Magazine Atlanta Showhouse: Terrace-Level Gym and Adjoining Spa

Fran Keenan

Fran Keenan Design | Birmingham, AL

FLOWER Atlanta Showhouse Preview: The Terrace-Level Gym and Adjoining Spa

Artist's rendering of home gym designed by Fran Keenan
Artist's rendering of Terrace-Level Gym

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Fran Keenan is a nationally recognized interior decorator and founder of Birmingham-based Fran Keenan Design. She is known for her artful, creative mix, utilizing color, pattern, and found pieces to create a diverse profile of high-end projects from the East to the West Coasts. Fran draws from a blend of inspirations such as fashion, history, art, lifestyle, and photography. She also seeks to extract the essence of each client and bring it forth to generate a home that is uniquely theirs. To Fran, a home needs to be functional for its owners while also being beautiful and inspiring. Fran and her team regularly study the greats of interior design history in order to learn from them while also discovering how to be different from them. The team works with the philosophy that “you have to know the rules before you can break them.” Fran launched her own interior design firm in 2006, driven by the desire to make beautiful homes that serve every season of life. Since its inception, the firm has worked on projects locally, as well as in California, Utah, Connecticut, Vermont, Tennessee, Florida, and beyond, giving each project a strong sense of place and a unique identity. With her talented design staff of Sara Walker, Audrey Mahy, and Lauren Edwards, Fran accepts each project with humility and gratitude for the trust instilled in her team to make a house into an inspiring launchpad for daily living.

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To see even more of the FLOWER Magazine Atlanta Showhouse:

The showhouse was open for tours from November 4-27.

But you can still see more from the house!

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