Dried Flower Christmas Wreath

Portland, Oregon, designer Sarah Blasi of Selva, creates an airy, artistic holiday wreath using unexpected materials and a fresh palette
Unconventional Christmas wreath

Sarah Blasi with her finished dried flower wreath design

Sarah Blasi of Selva Floral Design in Oregon created a beautiful dried flower Christmas wreath that is unconventional in almost every way. She shares step-by-step instructions showing how to make your own wreath.

“My inspiration was to create a wreath without using greenery. While evergreens signal the holidays and last a long time, I wanted to do something that was different and unique. This design is a more whimsical take on a wreath. I think the color scheme and berries speak to the season, but the asymmetry and texture almost make it more of an art piece. It will dry nicely and can be used year after year with proper care. I would hang this in my living room, where everyone can easily admire it throughout the season.”

Unconventional Christmas wreath1 | By focusing on reds and pinks, I think this becomes a surprising take on the traditional holiday wreath.

Materials: rose hip branches, white and shimmering red gypsophila (baby’s breath), pink and white rice flower, and red reindeer moss.

Unconventional Christmas wreath2 | I bought this rose hip wreath, but you can also make it from scratch. For this wreath, I want an asymmetrical design, with one half pink and the other half red. To do this, keep the majority of rose hip berries on one side, snipping some of the excess berry branches to make room for the other materials, and place them to the side for now.

Unconventional Christmas wreath3 | Fill in the wreath’s form. For the pink side, add short pieces of rice flower in the varying colors to create a base. Add this in clusters for the best effect, weaving the stems in and out of the rose hip branches. They are lightweight, so they shouldn’t fall out if you secure them well. Keep adding until half of the wreath is completely covered.

Unconventional Christmas wreath4 | Focus on the red side of the wreath’s base. Tuck pieces of reindeer moss in among the twigs and berries to create a fluffy texture. Try to wrap the pieces as best you can between the branches to secure it in place. If it keeps falling out, use wire to attach.

Unconventional Christmas wreath5 | Add more of the design elements to provide volume and movement. Add the shorter pieces of the rose hip branches back in by sticking them into the moss. Then add a few longer pieces in two adjacent sides of the form. The shorter branches will help keep the moss in place, while the longer ones will help create asymmetry.

Uncovtentional Christmas Wreath6 | For even more dimension, fill in the pink half with a few shorter stems of white gypsophila. Place a few long pieces of white gypsophila into the two corners alongside the longer rose hip branches to bulk them up. Add wisps of shimmering red gypsophila throughout the design in varying lengths. The sparkle gives some extra cheer while also adding to the overall movement of the wreath. Weave a red ribbon through the top branches, tie a bow, and you’re ready to hang it.

Unconventional Christmas wreath7 | Weave a red ribbon through the top branches, tie a bow, and you’re ready to hang it.

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“I would hang this in my living room, where everyone can easily admire it throughout the season.”

—Sarah Blasi

Produced by Jena Hippensteel Henderson | Photography by Maria Lamb

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