Artist Sasha Sykes

Working with hand-cast resin, the Irish artist preserves foraged materials from nature in functional pieces for your home
Sasha Sykes (left) and the Bloom! four-panel folding screen in resin and Lucite featuring over 50 varieties of flora. The artist was inspired by a border garden and encompassing all the seasons.

The work of Irish artist and sculptural-furniture designer Sasha Sykes revolves around exposing and reinterpreting foraged and collected materials—flowers, bird’s nests, and even algae—which she captures in hand-cast resin. “My work is primarily influenced by the scale, approach, and aesthetic of the Irish landscape,” she explains.

“I like to explore the cycle of life and decay, and the dichotomy of fragility and preservation. I am particularly interested in mankind’s relationship with our surroundings, and expressing the nature of that interaction is central to my work.”

Bloom! resin, Lucite, and hydrangea lamp

We are drawn to her Bloom! collection, such as the folding screen with a mix of flora and the hydrangea lamp base and table. In these, as in all of Sykes’s pieces, nature is preserved in striking objects that blur the line between art and function. (