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Designer Virginia McCary brings dimension to these summer hues with the must-have items of the season.
Virginia McCary

Growing up, Virginia McCary was introduced to antiques, fine jewelry, and curiosities by her grandmother. She later spent time working in the floral industry and then under designer Iris Thorpe. In 2016, she continued her passion for design by opening her own firm. Virginia’s aesthetic is transitional, collected, timeless, and inviting. She loves introducing antiques into fresh spaces and is always up for the thrill of the hunt!

We asked Virginia to curate and bring dimension to summery tones of terracotta and tangerine.

1 Paint color, Farrow & Ball Red Earth No.64 (see website for pricing), 2 Viny Peach fabric ($119/yard) from Hajare Textiles, 3 English Painted secretary ($3,200) from Henhouse Antiques, 4 Paint color, Farrow & Ball Faded Terracotta No.CC8 (see website for pricing), 5 Merida Tassel fringe in Sand (see website for pricing) from Schumacher, 6 24-inch Velvet Turkish Ikat square pillow ($150) from Paige Albright Orientals, 7 Dori Sisal rug (starting at $49) from Ballard Designs, 8 Moodcast Fragrance Co. candle ($28), 9 Zinnia sun hat ($125) from Sarah Bray Bermuda, 10 Otomi Pink Sunshine wallpaper (starting at $507) from The Pattern Collective, 11 Orange Round Large Lacquered Scalloped tray ($281), from Addison Ross, 12 KITTEN Old Fashioned Glasses ($52) from Heather Taylor Home, 13 Tommy Chair in Vintage Gold Check ($299) from Business & Pleasure, 14 Amsha Kinango Baskets (small $30, large $56) from Tenzo,

Produced and styled by Missie Neville Crawford | Photography by David Hillegas

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