Welcome to Utopia Goods’ Textile Jungle

The Australian company brings local flora to the home with upholstery, pillows, napkins, bags, and more
Textiles by Utopia Goods
Utopia Goods (from left): ‘Madras Lilac’ baby quilt ($240) or queen-size quilt ($595); ‘Matchstick Banksia’ blue toiletry bag ($45); Wattle Raspberry napkins ($59/set of 2)

Step inside our textile Jungle” beckons Australia-based Utopia Goods on its homepage. Indeed, admirers of the line love the explosion of color and pattern—all handcrafted and inspired by exotic Australian botanicals—that dance across pillows, laminated trays, dinner napkins, scarves, jaunty handbags, and makeup pouches.

From left: ‘Imperial Waratah’ indigo fabric on chairs; Bruce Slorach and Sophie Tatlow of Utopia Goods

Founders and designers Bruce Slorach and Sophie Tatlow ensure that each piece created uses the renowned textile craft of India. The latest collection, Precious, draws attention to Australian endangered plants, including the fragrant seeded wattle flower and the flowering matchstick banksia. usa.utopiagoods.com

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By Alice Welsh Doyle | Photography by Ingrid Weir

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This story appeared in FLOWER magazine's Sept-Oct 2020 issue.